“Buying Bitcoin In October The Best Decision For 2018 & BEST INVESTMENT EVER”BTC Guru TELLS WHY

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“Buying Bitcoin In October The Best Decision For 2018 & BEST INVESTMENT EVER”BTC Guru TELLS WHY

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  1. Nothing is happing before next year March. All these idiots guru are telling to buy because they dont want the BTC price to fall further below. But all of them are just waiting for BTC TO FALL BELOW 4000 DOLLARS.

  2. ? I mean I’m bullish longtermbut what on Earth made you make this prediction. Haha. Are you just hoping it does?

  3. I’m convinced that anyone who is not accumulating Bitcoin simply does not understand the technology. Plain and simple. They may have experience in stocks or could be financial geniuses of the past, but I can almost guarantee those who understand what Bitcoin is and its importance are buying.

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  9. This woman is God sent, it’s good to see so many positive reviews about her, keep up the good work Ma’am.

  10. Being a part of her trading group has removed all the stress from trading. Keep up the good work connecting more people to Mrs Smith.

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  13. BTC IS ABOUT TO FALL TO 4k AND THEN 3kYour opinion is NOT the opinion of any actualprosbecause pros know that there are legs of money down in the 3K area and 4K area that they need to square up. You are obviously either a shill or you know NOTHING about TA. It is time to SELL BTC and to be in FIAT until we get CHEAP BTC. You are totally full of BS and you are NO GURU. BTW- the more times a resistance line is tested, the weaker the line gets, not stronger. Everything you are saying goes AGAINST TA and is a LIE. Anyone who listens to this man’sgrain of salt opinionwill end up with a 100 pound twisted metal WRECK. His advice is gonna get you a 50% haircut of your money in BTC AND in the alts…. because when BTC drops, the alts must follow. Protect yourself in FIAT and wait for the storm to hit and pass, THEN buy in cheap and ride it up. You can laugh at this guys bad advice afterwards. LOL want to hear real TA? want to see real charts? Go watch guys like Crypto AMD, Waves 618, Trade Crypto Live, etc etcthose are people that do real TA with accurate Fibonacci and pitchfork and elliot wave and THE TRUTH. Not fairy tales and lies like HODL andbuy the dipwhich only works in a BULL market, it does not work in a bear market (think about that last sentence for a while and the lightbulb will go off and you will realize I am right…. you cannot HODL or buy the dip in a bear market like we are currently in, because it gets your money taken…. those strategies only work in a bull market…. and I bet you a dollar this dude has told you to do that stuff too, reg??? ) BINGO. LOLOLOLOLOL

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