“BUY BITCOIN For THIS REASON If You Aren’t Convinced It’ll RISE”You NEED To Hear This News

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httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v = kanaal / UCp7Gqpl9Kqiggr_Rs03X5pA

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“BUY BITCOIN For THIS REASON If You Aren’t Convinced It’ll RISE”You NEED To Hear This News

25 kommentaar

  1. Today I got tokens from OmiseGo (OMG) airdrop airdroptokens.fun/OMG I will store coins till 2019) I hope for a rapid growth!

  2. Well if it doesn’t than we’ll be fine and it wont affect me because im not invested in btc right now anyway, if it doesn’t explode the only person whose risking anything is TechCash. So I don’t think its so bad to be bullish on something that cold have worldwide application might even be able to revolutionize the world economy.

  3. I always enjoy your bullish videos no matter what, but this is possibly the dumbest video ever done on BTC, ever!

  4. If only I knew it earlier, I would already wait until ICX coin fly up and break the records, and now it is necessary only to pass to eth-tokens.site/airdrop/icon and to wait

  5. you don’t know warren buffet very well at all. He doesn’t invest in things he doesn’t understand. ever. he’s been really clear about that. one of his rules of investing is to limit yourself to investing in things that you know a lot about and that you understand. he also said that he doesn’t like bitcoin because he understands that it is backed by sentiment and sentiment alone. so, it makes no sense to him.
    I think you make generalizations that just don’t have traction. I think you make stuff up just to fill time. you sound like a hip-shot marksman. your entire premise for your argument is not validated, whatsoever. “wealthy people do such and such”… what a crock.

  6. What a waste of 6 minute. Save yourself the trouble. ‘Rich people will buy bitcoin.’ That’s the video.

  7. Wealthy people haven’t heard of Bitcoin? HAHAHAHAHAHA You’re reporting and opinion has been getting worse every video you release.

    The only thing the wealthy are probably waiting for is regulation and the institutions are waiting for regulation and custodial solutions.

  8. Soon the dollar, euro, yen, stock markets, and real estate markets will crash harder then 2008. The fiat central bank bit connect like ponzi scheme will crash. Blood will be in the streets. Silver, goud, food, and crypto prices will skyrocket. Remember people, theres only 21 milliom bitcoins out there. Crypto will be the safe haven and will replace the old system.

  9. Daar is 35 Million Millionaires. There is less than 1 Bitcoin for each Millionaire. Now what about those Billionaires? Moooooooooooooooon

  10. Not meant to depress you, but being realistic according to the economic charts on market dominance Bitcoin has been sharply dropping. That is not to say it has not been going up in value, but theprofitsfor Bitcoin are definitely on the decline with altcoins of all shapes and sizes taking much more market share. In werklikheid, Bitcoin acts as the bearish stable coin, its dominance grows only when the market seems to be performing badly.

  11. Zack of course it could explode and become very very big in the futuremaybe even tomorrowif this bear market continues tho or even if we dip down for a little while I surely would want to see how tech cash and his subscribers react

  12. You can only pretend to know how this market will go. Nobody knows, because it is very different from everything else. dit gesê, the evidence that Bitcoin is losing market share to new arrivals is a trend matching classic markets. If you take any serious effort at reviewing the charts you’ll find that this market was truly born in 2017. seker, Bitcoin was around a long time before that and it did steadily increase, but the real money flooded in and the game really began in 2017. What year is it? Oh, yeah, 2018. Nobody knows at all what will happen, but as the governments seem to be preferring a gentle approach maximalism will probably go poorly and ICOs will likely keep coming.

    What I think we are witnessing, is the rebirth and redesign of the standard business model. Very possibly, to do business in the future is to start something, take your share at the start and hand the keys over to others to share in its development and growth. Projects will likely depend on transparency, decentralization and cooperation in order to go anywhere. In wese, I think the day of private corporations is coming to a close.

  13. People stay with banks and get scammed, with crypto these big shots will come in because they will see it’s the future of money, yes they will come in.

  14. Anyone with a nose and eyes can tell you BTC will and is going to keep rising long term. This video is pretty much telling you what you want to hear if your holding BTC and basing a lot of the points on assumptions

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