“BTC Will Continually Rise This ENTIRE Decade, Here’s Why”Why I KNOW That A Recovery Is IMMINENT

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“BTC Will Continually Rise This ENTIRE Decade, Here’s Why”Why I KNOW That A Recovery Is IMMINENT

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  1. I sure as hell hope it soars. I’ve been dollar cost averaging since February and I have no more dollars to average. Lol

  2. btc sucks as everyday spending money. but it works as digital gold. spending your money shouldn’t cost fees and it needs to b fast. there’s other blockchains that fill that need better than btc

  3. Me too.. I have been Dollar Cost Averaging since September 2017each month every monthI am needing a normal life again

  4. Has anyone considered what will happen if Trump introduces temporary marshal law so he can drain the swamp. Its coming. There will be chaos.

  5. I have been watching and listening about that next boom for too many weeks and nothing ever happened, 3 month left till the end of 2018 , are we sure that we have enough time to observe any price booming ?!!

  6. Dude it’s months you’re saying that a reversal is imminent. We know we’ll get to new ath. Just stop the permabullz

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  8. Thanks sir, after watching your video, i decided to try one of the cryptocurrency. i have started earning guys through one of this cryptocurrency wallet. i made my first redraw through bitcoin. worth $1000. if still out there looking out for the best cryptocurrency go here, *4BitcoinMoney. Com* for it is the best cryptocurrency so far.?

  9. How T digital gold? Bahahaha it’s just numbers on a screen, it could be rendered worthless once it runs out of fools

  10. +jfusci3 litecoin is only SLIGHTLY better than bitcoin. better look at potentially ground breaking stuff like IOTA

  11. I remember when I was young back in 2018 & Bitcoin was only £5000 each….imagine one person owning a whole Bitcoin now in 2045

  12. You havent made 10 million yet? Are you saying that you lived through 2016 en 2017 and di not make 10 miljoen? How many millions did you make? One of my group noobs put only $3800 in last September and cashed out $540,000 and that was not only his first time in crypto but he didnt start until August last year where he got in the ICX , DRGN, ETHLEND and WTC ICOs. One of the other noobs put in $16,000 to one single ICO of ICX buying himself and his wife the max 30 BTC cap per person of ICX ICO and that was 1.5 million dollars only two weeks after they unlocked the coins. I was lucky enough to buy $3.8cent NEO ICO and $5 ETH and $85 Bitcoin so had a head start but if you got in last year you should of at least made a million dollars.

  13. Well the NYSE opens their Crypto trading desk in Novembver, as does Goldman Sachs with both opening Custody services for Billion dollar investors and teacher retirement funds etc, so seeing they all spent th epast 9 months driving the price down to iuts bottom while they accumulated all the could to sell to their institutional investors in November, then yes the price of Bitcoin will have to go up over next 60 days because they didnt spend 9 months co-ordinating this mass artifical bear market to get all these bitcoins just to then sell them to their billionaires for the same price they paid for them. Also with XRP going live and that has 160 major banks signed on and western n union, and they are going to replace the 4.7 trillion dollars a day banks shift money through the SWIFT company every day, that will quickly take XRP from 60 cents to $5 if they just do 1% of that business. Thought it could easily reach $100 before end of year and bitcoin could also go well past the 20k mark by end of year. Probably 200k by June next year. Maybe less, but it might. Just make sure you get XRP right away and google XRAPID and read the crypto news websites or check out THE MODERN INVESTPR youtube channel to catch upon the XRP news so you can make very fast major profits to then keep in XRP or put in BTC. The past 9 months has been a major artifical bear market organized by the biggest financial gurus in USA and Europe due to the custody services they are opening. This Video is the best to explain it and it will change your life and give you generational wealth if you listen to it all. Especially from the 40 minute mark which explains everything i just said here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_qmYTKN3Rs hope you enjoy that. It really will open your eyes

  14. #fakenews Internet tokens created out of thin air, with holders masters plans the whole timeselling for USD

  15. We’re living in a digital world ~ It only makes sense that cryptocurrency will replace fiat currency.

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