BREAKING: Major Crypto Bloodbath! BTC & ETH Down More Than 10% – What’s Next?

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You have most likely already seen what's going on in the crypto market today, it is a bloodbath and most cryptos are down more than 10% and Bitcoin itself is down +10%. nou, I don't know if there were any news that started this, I have not found anything particular, the only thing I can think of is the Bitcoin Cash Fork tomorrow but I doubt that that could be it. There is a lot of data in the charts to go through and in this video, Marten will focus mainly on BTC, total Altcoins and ETH and we will tell you that there are some very interesting anomalies.
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BREAKING: Major Crypto Bloodbath! BTC & ETH Down More Than 10% – What's Next?

25 kommentaar

  1. That moment when you take your eyes of the market for 2 days in it all crashes down……welp Black Friday came early this year!

  2. HelloAltcoin buzz. How r u, buddy. eintlik, I am talking regarding Viewo ico. This is decentralized youtube and also the Pre-sale is live.

  3. Exactly. Until like 2 days ago Stellar was up a fair bit and I cashed out 1500 to get a new smartphone with pure profit. Don’t sell at a loss, and don’t forget to cash out some of your winnings and get something fun and tangible with it every now and then.

  4. This is the end of crypto there’s no way it can come back from this. After everyone has been burnt twice.

  5. yeah it’s been a hell of a ride watching my money dwindle down to less then a quarter of what I put it. Shout out to the video creater, and his SEVERAL bull run predictions that absolutely never happend

  6. thanks for notifying us with such a big news please give a review on trending ico too. viewo, verasity, ens

  7. You seem quite wise in the markets man. And your don’t charge even a fraction for your VIP services. KryptoKirby asks about half a bitcoin for a year($225 n maand!) So your prices are a steal. I do know about the markets and how to trade, the problem I have is when the market moves when I’m asleep or busy I tend to get desperate and stupid, entering late and losing. I lost about $15,000 or so today entering late and stopping out on a short withe the rebound from 5300 tot 5600. I went long but only made up a part of the original loss. Though it should only have been a $30 loss but Bitmex being the 3rd world Tax haven site it is clogged out and I accidentally ordered twice. doubling my position. In fact I’ve lost an embarrassing amount to that. That’s why I like Bull markets over bear markets. Because the BULLS have more exchanges to play. Shorting is available on few exchanges and fewer countries. Having an alert ring on my phone when the market moves would be great. But I’m not a trader that started in the middle class. I’m starting in the lower class, low income. My portfolio after 1 year is still under $1000. $25 a month is tolerable, several hundred a month is out of my means. So yea Im looking at your Diamond patron sub in that regard, bUt I have recovered $10,000 from my trading portfolio, I got help from Adams Hudsons, that nab is the savior of crypto this winter guys, you can contact him on, I tend to make more than 30K next week. Not even a train can knock down my crypto….

  8. Mr Hudsons is highly recommended was able to contact him and when I started investing and making profits I was so happy men like him are still in the crypto community. I am talking about 5K to 30K in just a week now!

  9. +Green Ghost Lol. Novogratz said Bitcoin would be 10,000 teen die einde van die jaar…. I actually sincerely doubt it at this point.

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