Bread Token is Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet Leader?

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After downloading the Bread mobile wallet and hearing so many rav reviews from the community it appears as though, this Bread wallet has potential for some serious price action in 2018. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Bread Token is Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet Leader?

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  1. This is essential. I’ve had a bread wallet since November. It’s niceeeeeee. Loaf Wallet is dope as well. It’ll store your Litecoin. Charlie Lee is a monster!

  2. Bread is my LTC hedge. Advisor is Charlie Lee. Enough said. It’s cheap and undervalued. Hopefully Lee does not talk this one down. 😂🤣

  3. Oyster Pearl, Wabi, Sonm, InvestFeed, Substratum, Quantum, Enjin are really good bests this month i think they are all going to increase nicely!

  4. Bread is the real deal, it has multifactor authentication, the wallet itself is decentralized that way if BREAD company goes out of business, the wallet will still functionAND its integrating an exchangeso it may liberate some of us from coinbase. It still has a long way to go, but its a long term HODL for this one, it will get better and better.

  5. Bread has amazing design sense which most crypto platforms lack. When crypto companies focus on user experience they win.

  6. mrzazzaable Something is coming very big from LTC after that FUD passes. Denver the crypto space has short term memory. All that will pass by next week.

  7. Zazz, you’re a complete idiot lol. That’s why you’re trolling Youtube comments and Charlie’s doing big things.

    Stay on them sidelines boy.

    Sobuka Charlie did it because he had to. He’s getting ready to make big moves and can’t be holding his own coin when it goes to the moon based on his connections with Google, Coinbase, ens. LTC is $1000 before the end of Q1. Let op my woorde.

  8. Kyle Watters I’m not against Charlie. Never said that. Also we probably subscribe to the same channels.

  9. I have not, though judging from the website I am a fan as well. But I’m a big C-Lee fan so I’m gonna keep fangirling products attached to his name.

  10. I know brother! I was just clarifying why Charlie did what he did. The attitude was directed at Zazz lol.

  11. This guy is legit, if I was going with one single source, you have not made a bad choice in my opinion.

  12. OTT2OWN Bread is using Glidera API (as of 1/4/2018) to buy directly from the wallet. I believe Glidera was aquired by Kraken in 2k16. I haven’t actually used it to buy bitcoins yet.

  13. ya tony, I noticed that too. sleek design, webwerf, interfacing is super clean!

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