“Bitcoin Will Be Worth TONS By 2020”Super Wealthy Bitcoin Bulls Explain Why

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Artikels: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bitcoin-bulls-four-investors-bold-164034577.html

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“Bitcoin Will Be Worth TONS By 2020”Super Wealthy Bitcoin Bulls Explain Why

34 kommentaar

  1. so $250,000 deur 2020 is at most 31 months away. So we’re talking $241,000/31= $ 7774.19 per month for 31 maande. I don’t see that happening.

    Based on the last bull run, BTC went from $5000 to app. $20,000 in around 2 maande, which would be $7500 n maand. But remember we’ve had a 4 month pull back until recently. dit gesê, I would say $60,000 deur 2020.

  2. If you look at the recent history of Bitcoin’s growth, it looks as though Mr McAfee’s prediction will be the one that will be closer to the mark. in 2010, Bitcoin’s highest price was 39 sent, at the end of last year, Bitcoin reached a peak of $19,783, this represents an annual average growth of 470%. At this rate, teen die einde van 2020 (hopefully!), Bitcoin’s price should reach over $2million.

  3. G Vending because the economy hasnt crashed yet. imagine a fiat default this year or before 2020. en net 1% at most in the world knowing about crypto at this point. u need to think of near future events impact on world economy as well.

  4. As someone who lived through the long bear market of 2014, I have to say this so far has felt pretty similar.

    We hit ATHs around $1100 in Nov 2013 and fell to $400 by Apr 2014. Then there was a 50% surge in May to over $600 and everyone thought the bear market was over, but it eventually slipped back down and settled around $200 for most of 2015.

    The schedule of ATHs, euphoria, fall, and bounce in 2017-18 look eerily similar both in proportion and in schedule. I know past events do not determine future ones, but I still think it’s something to be aware of until the pattern is broken.

    persoonlik, I wouldn’t care if we had another drawn out bear market and don’t see ATHs until 2020, I’m a long term hodler and believer.

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  6. Lemme guess. You own bitcoin so naturally want to see the price skyrocket before you sell and become rich. ” Hey everyone better buy before you miss out.hahahahaha

  7. If it was aTax Selloffthen why dont we see a huge crash in stocks every year around the same time??

  8. Of course if the bear market sustains I will be wrong. this is based on their being a bull market as expected. It’s inevitable anyway. The *ONLY* question is when?

  9. You should re-do it with % growth instead of a some static number, you’ll up needing around 11%/month growth

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