“Bitcoin Will BE USED By EVERYONE In ONLY MONTHS”This PRO’s OPINION About BTC Will Blow Your Mind

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Ek is op geen manier 'n MARK PROFESSIONELE; Gebruik jou eie oordeel by die aankoop van aandele en ANDERS. EK IS NIE VERANTWOORDELIK VIR EN winste of verliese wat jy mag ondervind.

Die mark is inherent riskant, En jy moet belê slegs WAT jy is heeltemal bereid om te verloor.

KWOTASIES WAT IN VIDEO die titels en anders is, MY eie opinies; Hulle is in GEEN wyse verband hou met MENINGS VAN kundiges in die bedryf.

Ek beskik tans oor beleggings in aandele, BONDS, EN CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

“Bitcoin Will BE USED By EVERYONE In ONLY MONTHS”This PRO’s OPINION About BTC Will Blow Your Mind

24 kommentaar

  1. Dud the good news is you are the bullish guy ever in town but the bad news is nothing happens so can you slow down little bit !!!!!!!

  2. Electroneum will be the first, they already have 1000 vendors in beta testing currently with theirInstant Payment System”. Why not do your homework and due diligence on this crypto coin. It WILL be in the top 10 in the near future, and wouldn’t be surprised if Electroneum becomes number 1.

  3. a bit confused here as i sat and waited for the ‘PROto show up and give his/her opinion, but that never happened. no offense intended.

  4. For those who want many X-es, I recommend to buy Telegram tokens in advance cryptovilla.org/gram-telegram

  5. Miami Beach I got a better idea how about you just stop watching his videos no one is forcing you to watch

  6. I agree and its already being be used to some extent already , BTC isnt going anywhere but will be used despite what the haters think 😉

  7. Thanks for the incites and good info. Keep up the good work, spreading the word. Dankie. Personally I believe there’s a mega amount of big money, quietly playing the crypto markets, trying to shake out the weak players and manipulating the price down on BTC, because it’s the safest coin to use for large transfers, that don’t have to be there Now. What do you think bit-coiners?

  8. I need clarity. I actually DID do some light research and was left with the impression poor folk can’t buy Bitcoin. Is this a scam?

    I heard only middle class and Rich can buy Bitcoin. I found that peculiar but that is exactly the impression. Both sources can’t be correct can you please clarify this?

    And do people have i’mmediate access to their Bitcoin like they do cash or PayPal?

  9. BTC is not designed for daily payments. BTC is just a payment option. It wont take over the fiat. Buying a cola with fiat is just fine.
    lightning network operates like a kind of prefund…..so its not peer to peer.

  10. I keep coming to this channel to motivate myself to continue hodling BTC eventhough as I’m typing this price is down to $6289 😅

  11. From cnbc:Central banks should consider issuing digital currencies as money faces ahistoric turning point,” according to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

  12. That would be great news! Considering that it has already been used and will continue to grow.

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