“Bitcoin To BE USED By EVERYONE In A FEW Months”What This Man KNOWS About BTC Will Blow Your Mind

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Artikels: https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2018/10/02/bitcoin-adoption-could-be-in-for-a-big-boost/#122cf82170c8

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httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v = kanaal / UCp7Gqpl9Kqiggr_Rs03X5pA

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“Bitcoin To BE USED By EVERYONE In A FEW Months”What This Man KNOWS About BTC Will Blow Your Mind

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31 kommentaar

  1. 10/10 of 11/11 will be the massive global market collapse. If you don’t believe me. Just wait for one of these two days. I honestly believe it will be 11/11 (Rothschilds like #33, 1988 economist cover has “10,” Etc. However the bull run will have started before then. ; in werklikheid, it has already started. Weekly MACD has crossed.. first time since 2015. Behind closed doors, global financial collapse has already started.

    “Huge scale” is an understatement.

  2. Wow a video without you saying “With that being said”! Bravo! That wasn’t so hard was it. Thumbs up

  3. Would vending prices be in satoshi or fiat? Crypto still way too volatile so presumably prices in fiat & there would be some kind of conversionrisk that the exchange rate not favourable!

  4. I couldn’t imagine why anyone on earth would want to spend their bitcoin. For me it’s a store of value.

  5. +Michael Manfro it def will b. But to suggest a major btc pump incoming because LN is making fwd steps is totally irresponsible. Ask anyone sending more than a few cents the successful % of tx they are currently having

  6. Bradley Capron I didn’t say it would be overnight and cause a massive pump but again innovation trumps human fear .

  7. it will be a very long time if at all that bitcoin itself will actually be used. btc is better as a type of “goud” or a store of value, even with lightning network. its already too centrally controlled and has not been dispersed out enough. when you have things like mt gox money out there who hold way too high of an actual % of total btc available it just doesnt seem realistic. not to mention regardless of the micro transactions being relevant what we saw over late 2017 was just how backed up things became and turned intohe/she who pays the larger fee gets their transaction processed quicker”. also you would have to combat the idea that has been drilled into peoples brains that they should hold on until btc is worth something massive.. so how do you get someone to buy a soda for 1$ of .000000001 btc or whatever it is when in their mind that 1$ if they dont spend it could become 20$? the entire actual psychology would have to change from holding to spending and i dont think people that have been holding will want to spend until the price is ridiculous as they have been holding through a lot of stress and volatility (especially if they bought at the highs of last fall). which also brings in the other point of volume and monetary velocity. if you have low velocity its hard to really jump start a new type of volume based economic structure whereas if you have something that isgold likeand is more designed to be a store of value it thrives more on the opposite spectrum of less velocity and more scarcity.

  8. That’s why btc is going to zero. It’s utterly useless as cash. Bitcoin cash taking over. Aka the real bitcoin

  9. when SquareUp comes out with bitcoin as a payment option retailers will love it, nothing to ‘figure out

  10. instant of worrying about this, you can better worry about ur country, how ur dollar is falling and ur economy will collapse thank trump for it 😉 the world dont need america america needs the world. eu,china,iran,russia,and many more are bundeling and still the americans and their trump lovers dont wanna see how hard america is falling and collapsing.

  11. nie 100% true mate, pivx is top future candidate it will moon within 2 years go check pivx than you understand me

  12. +Kiwi AustEcon are you sure ?
    But could be back bull I like to tell you only 4K or 3K not for zero I think

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