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This week I make the case for a future in which Bitcoin becomes the major global currency. Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!



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Bitcoin & The Rise of Hyperbitcoinization – Crypto Lark Community Chat

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  1. chase tells me i cant buy crypto anymore i almost wanna cancel the card just for that reason

  2. I’m opening my own business and I want to accept crypto as form a payment. Long live the blockchain…

  3. I was watching you at 3am in London, couldn’t turn my eyes away from the stream. Loved the info on the global currency reset. It’s only a matter of time before the world adopts a new currency, it’s too early for it to be bitcoin but more likely to be the renminbi.
    With a trade war on the horizon and a financial crash well over due, something is going to kick off.. and when it does, watch all these fat cats look for a safe haven to hide their money (crypto).

  4. Since Bitcoin can be lost and never recovered, this makes it perfect for global valuations and purchasing power.

  5. Loving your point of view mate, I should motivate myself to make kind of the same show in French (their aint much french dudes motivated by freedom in the cryptosphere, most of them are non-techi-lambo-obessed-retardeds)

  6. I love your videos as you think globally about things and the system as it all works. I started to buy cryptocurrency just as much profit last year but as I continue to think how it can improve life for many people. For sure 1% of the richest people dont like new thinks like this when they can´t controll or manipulate this when is decentralized and speak about this just bullshits. I do not listen their oppinions anymore

  7. American debt is sustainable thru war and creation of the boogie man the bad guy. I just hope the rest of the world knows that all of Americans are not ignorant of this fact. A change is going to take place. Our government is too damn big!

  8. I’m glad you’re not afraid to talk about how politics is related to crypto. People need to hear this stuff!

  9. Hey Criptolark you should cover the NANO action in Venezuela, the community donated money to venezuelans to buy food and stuff 🙂

  10. Hi Crypto Lark, How do you think about TraDove B2BCoin? I invested a lot on BBC, and still feel it’s a very promising project.

  11. Crypto Lark, thanks for your video. I am an investor of BBC, and very proud of it, hope more and more investors will notice the potential of BBC.

  12. Coinbase allows debit cards up to 3 grand instant buy. If you can’t use your credit card at an atm to withdraw money, then attache your credit card to your Paypal account, if you don’t have a Paypal card to withdraw at the atm, then simply select send money to friend and family in Paypal and select your credit card to send the money from your credit card to another paypal account and deposit to your bank then use the debit card to load Coinbase. If you have any problems on Coinbase and your bank card linking up. You have to call your bank and ask them what the 2 small deposit Coinbase made to your debit card and they will tell you over the phone. Then it’s link for instant buy up to 3 grand. Never do more than 3 grand at one time, takes up to a week to deposit to Coinbase by then, the value could go down and your screwed. Best of luck to ya. Cheers !

  13. DazzFire – Rhiannon and he’s doing it for free, he’s not running for president or something. Something very rare in this world.

  14. Lark rocks. Don’t stop reminding us about the real reasons for the existence of crypto, which is to undermine corrupt governance and the corrupt financial system. Subscribers who don’t want you to talk about geopolitics can go watch other YouTubers.

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