Bitcoin Surge, Tether NOT Backed by USD, Elon Musk ETH, XRP and Enjin News

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Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are back in the green following a bearish week. Mattie will also take a look at Tether not being fully backed by USD, Elon Musk Tweeting about Ethereum as well as the latest from Ripple XRP and Enjin Coin.
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After Several Bearish Days, Bitcoin Again Climbs Past $5,200

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Enjin and CoinSwitch Announce Massive Partnership

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Bitcoin Surge, Tether NOT Backed by USD, Elon Musk ETH, XRP and Enjin News

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20 kommentaar

  1. Old people have the money. Old people don’t play games. Old people will not move the price of Enjin.

  2. nodaklojack interesting point. Kan wees 1-2 decades off still? Took the internet a number of decades.

  3. The only reason musk posted ethereum on Twitter was because his ego is so big he thought he would be able to move the market just by saying ethereum

  4. Thanks for the you give your analysis of ASG on p2pb2b? The project has serious international support and gives huge ROI ASG is being already used for funding of environmental business and making eco products.

  5. Can you please check out ASG? They opened a limited token sale on are talking about serious capitalization, I’ve heard 10x and more ROI is possible.

  6. Bitcoin and Łitecoin Block reward halvings getting closer each day……

    Looks like Bitcoin could be heading back towards pre ‘hash war’ $100 billion market cap. Resistance then Support?

  7. Enjin’s on a partnership tear these days! I like how it’s all public too not just a tweet from enj like some other companies do (tron *cough* *cough*). Thanks for the news! <3 Also so many bullish things happening right now, I would be shocked if the market doesn't double within 2-5 jaar. Fill your bags boys.

  8. My take on musk:
    He jokes about the eth spam bots on his page and even saluted them once, it could be that Ethereum was just on his mind from them spamming his tweets constantly and the fact he has amazing memory. If you follow him you know he always jokes about things, I would say at least ethereum is on his mind but he has never made a public compliment of the coin itself (from what I’ve seen) just the bots haha. Don’t get overly excited. Dit gesê, I can see him building his own chain one day for sure, time will tell.

  9. The US Dollar used to be backed by gold and an once of gold was set to a price of $20.67 per once, in 1944 the government inflated the US dollar and changed it to $35 per once of gold. Later on in 1971 being as the US government owned most of the worlds gold they decided that you would no longer be able to redeem US Dollars for gold and it is now backed by nothing ending the gold standard. Essentially the US Dollar is worth about 1/60th as it once was as an once of gold is worth over $1200. They now print as much money as they want without having to anyone about how much they are printing/do bail outs as they see fit. The US Dollar still functions as it always did as a means of exchange, as does USDT as a cryptocurrency to trade against others. Are tethers actions different? (Not a tether fan for the record)

  10. Nice clickbait. Tether is backed. Not fully though, reg. But in their defense there’s hardly any bank even that would hold 100% of the money for their assets in their safe.

  11. Only privacy coins will survive the crypto revolution, because things are gonna get ugly

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