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This week I answer your questions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!



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E-pos met besigheid of gebeurtenis navrae.

Alles hier uitgespreek is my mening en nie amptelike beleggingsadvies – asseblief doen jou eie navorsing voordat gevaar vir jou eie geld.

Dankie vir jou kyk; asseblief graag, skryf, en deel as jy dit nuttig gevind!

Thanks to artists Greet the Mind for this weeks inspired intro track ‘The Dictator Speaks’. You can listen to more of their work and support them here at sound cloud:

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Bitcoin Price and HypeCrypto Lark Community Chat

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  1. Sorry mist your live streamwhat your thoughts on VTC ? It is part of the Lightning Network I believe?!? Thanks for your time and great videos!!!

  2. Try not to worry too much about the crypto market. Everyone is in the same boat. I’m down like 75% from January myself.

  3. Hi Crypto Lark, how do you do your dollar cost averaging exactly? I dollar cost average BTC and ETH weekly with

    What is your strat for DCA with alt coins?

  4. Hey lark! Sorry i missed the live stream 🙁 its too early in the morning for me, 4-5 am 😂 i wanted to know if youve heard of the new partnership of adbank and QNY-creative ? And whats your take on the companies interested and willing to try out blockchain implememtation in their businesses!

  5. Im really having a hard time to wrap my head around how this kind of news isnt getting the attention.

  6. Altcoin devs/founders are the biggest bag holders. It started with their shitty token metrics and now their dumping to $btc. Don’t be the greater fool. No use case, no network effect, no can do.

  7. Hey Lark!! Thought I’d say hibeen listening to you since December 2017. I’m still in the game even though the bags are like heavy weights slowing my progress!!!! I guess the only reason why I’m still listening to you is the fact that like all the shitcoins disappearing only the quality is left standing!!! I value your thoughts and opinions so keep up the good work!! Bitcoin has to succeed or the whole crypto space will be a mere blip in our memories!!

  8. Ethereum Classic just added to Robin Hood a day before Coinbase adds it to Coinbase Pro! in 7 – 14 days ETC will be on that little blue Coinbase app we all have on our phones.

  9. Hey.. your video today was fucking amazing. Thankyou so, so much for opening on scams and depression. I see a lot of this in that space, and although scamming is being talked about, the emotional repercussions of that are often not. You’re a legend bro. big Love form Oz, your Big, lilbuddy.

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