Bitcoin Over $1,000,000 – onvermydelike, Insane, & Possible

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****Neem asseblief kennis dat al die bogenoemde is verwysing skakels en ek sal 'n klein kommissie ontvang as jy inteken met behulp van enige van hierdie skakels teen geen ekstra koste aan jou. Alle verwysings is vir produkte wat ek glo in en gebruik persoonlik.

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E-pos met besigheid of gebeurtenis navrae.

Alles hier uitgespreek is my mening en nie amptelike beleggingsadvies – asseblief doen jou eie navorsing voordat gevaar vir jou eie geld.

Hierdie video kan kopiereg materiaal waarvan die gebruik is nie altyd spesifiek deur die eienaar van die kopiereg gemagtig bevat. Sulke materiaal beskikbaar gestel word vir navorsing of akademiese doeleindes. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' van enige sodanige materiaal met kopiereg, soos bepaal in artikel 107 van die Wet Amerikaanse kopiereg. In ooreenstemming met Titel 17 U.S.C. artikel 107, hierdie video is versprei sonder wins, vir navorsing en opvoedkundige doeleindes.

Dankie vir jou kyk; asseblief graag, skryf, en deel as jy dit nuttig gevind!

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Bitcoin Over $1,000,000 – onvermydelike, Insane, & Possible

63 kommentaar

  1. Hey Mr Lark $ 1,000,000 Bitcoin, it’s time to start looking for a bigger fancy smancy DogHouse. YeeeHaaa

  2. I will surely be here in 4 om 5 years to see that video, whether it’s 1 million or just 20 dollars. I’m here to stay 🤗 Bitcoin = Freedom 💪

  3. If it gets to a million i’ma going to go an slap all my friends for laughing at crypto 😀

  4. Bitcoin to the moon and beyond!

    It’s all in the mathematics, that’s why johnny boy was so blunt with his bet on eating something.

  5. so close to 100k sub Larkyhow bout we help him cross this milestone! smash up the subs folks. keep up the good info

  6. Most guesses are too conservative, I’m with McAfee except for the bet. The global financial system has already started to roll over. If gold can double btc can go to 470K+, certainly before the end of 2020

  7. I keep looking for some change in the background. That rat needs to make a move. Love the video

  8. Julian O.falcon soyour bypassing the 2020 halving or just preparing for the one after that also

  9. “If you don’t take change by the hand, change will take you by the throat”Winston Churchill

  10. @chrisiden indeed my friend. DCA into Bitcoin weekly, HODL and buy some gold along the way. Cheers!

  11. You are the best, most articulate, most entertaining, and easiest to understand crypto channel on YouTube that I have found. I look forward to your videos every day. Thank you for your hard work, and dedication.

  12. McAfee pointed that out. His target of a million takes into account a million won’t buy as much as it used to after massive inflation causes everyone to migrate to crypto.

  13. @The_Reginald Paradigm shifts are often rapid. The current fiat system no longer serves the economy of goods and services. It only serves the economy of speculation and exclusionary asset accumulation.
    Do I expect this by a certain date?, geen. Is it possible?, ja.

  14. Totally. The thing is that even when it hits a much smaller number that slap will be appropriate. Even at 998k, or more reasonable for slap-worthiness is something like 80k

  15. @Oliver Pringle Mr Pringle i drive a Porsche now why would i want to go backwards, Cheers & good luck to all that have stuck it out.

  16. I like the Voyager app. It’s quick and easy. You buy at market price and you don’t have to wait 5-7 days for your money to transfer like Coinbase.

  17. As 1 country decides to go all in on BITCOIN! I firmly believe that this could lead to a massive chain reaction!

  18. @Carlos Nunez ill keep stacking till th halving. Stop during the up scale. And when we bottom again resume buying.

  19. You should be slapping them right now if you’re their friend to get them in before it’s too late

  20. Nothing to do with math it’s all psychology and whats currently going on in the world. Don’t invest if you don’t even understand this

  21. quote by Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it is done.”
    $100 done
    $2,000 done
    $20,000 done

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