Bitcoin NOT A Threat” – Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Causes Bitcoin Price Jump

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"Bitcoin NOT A Threat" – Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Causes Bitcoin Price Jump

11 kommentaar

  1. It really tough to say. I love the good new, but there is many issues to address such as terrorism, money laundering from drug deal etc and tax evasion. People say fiat can be used to launder money already, however it is relative slow to move in comparison to crypto. So unless governments can move into light speed to create measures to prevent this, we all must wait alittle. Similarly with taxes, I know us all in the crypto space hates to get taxed, but it pays for roads, schools, community workers etc. I personally feel that we are a long ways away from the ups and downs, just be patient.

    And those who are saying Moon Moon, clearly are holding bags, and are simply shilling hard. Be patient, and you won’t get burned.

  2. If one in ten or more Banks decided to take 5% of their money and turn it into Bitcoin for Bitcoin related transactions, would like the government to get upset about this?

  3. can any one help me out? in australia im very new to mining u cant find anything like coinbase for australia can anyone point me to right direction???

  4. Always great videos, i dont agree with bitcoin failing as a currency. I see short minded get rich quick thinkers trying to use it as a tool to shuffle the numbers around the exchanges. But the limited block size and slower comfermations are stopping it, like it should. The world needs to slow down.

  5. I was wondering if I can task you to do something, I jumped straight into Robin hood After exploring my options with acorns and stash and whatever.. And I started to wonder take acorns for example , that company does fractions of shares etc etc but what I was wondering if say Facebook begins to tank like Yahoo did will acorns switch their investment options? Will they ever dump Facebook and jump on Twitter or snap?… just using it as an example. If there’s any way you could find that out that would be amazing i message them on Twitter but I never got a reply

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