Bitcoin Nuus – Forks, South Africa, and Mining

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The latest in Bitcoin newsforks aplenty, South Africans going BTC crazy, Korea and banks causing FUD, and the latest from the mining world. Never a dull day in Bitcoinland.

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Bitcoin Nuus – Forks, South Africa, and Mining

26 kommentaar

  1. banks want to protect you from these 10000% gains so they can give you 1% per anum for securing your money haha

  2. Am from South and the Cryptocurency fascinates me, the only challenge is our weak Rand ZAR which makes buying Bitcoin look loke digging a hole with a fork

  3. South African follower over here, thank you Lark.
    You are more than just a dude talking about crypto…. On the internet.

  4. Crypto Lark, I love your youtube segmentawesome global bitcoin info. More power to you, I can’t wait to see your next video. Dankie.

  5. critics are right, BITCOIN is evil, cursed, it even has connections to a time machine, and it’s responsible for corrupting Judas, he got paid 30 BTC. But my new coin will do justice, through its blessing algorithm. I’m gonna launch flat earth and contrail coins soon.

  6. out here they’re going to charge NEGATIVE interests soon. And god knows that’s a slippery slope, how fast will that increase?

  7. I just found you and I love your style. You are super chill.


  8. Love your work Lark! Doing great things for the crypto community. Cheers from Australia. 1JxyN4YimTpS8scG62yBqyDtpKrbbBSGep

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