Bitcoin Nuus – Forks, Regulations, Rusland, and Nostradamus

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This week in Bitcoinland we discuss upcoming forks, pending regulations, diefstal, Nostradamus, mynbou, and so much more!

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Bitcoin Nuus – Forks, Regulations, Rusland, and Nostradamus

21 kommentaar

  1. Not allowing people to invest in blockchain tech would be like if we weren’t allowed to invest in internet companies. Most people will lose their money, but progress will win in the end.

  2. Satoshi Nakamoto is an Alien entity contacted by John Mcafee during a deep DMT trip.

    It instructed Mcafee to construct the money virus known as Bitcoin to guide the evolution of humanity according to (((Their))) wishes.

  3. Lark, u r the man. stay true to urself. don’t ever change. crypto needs more ppl like you. thank you for what u do. when i go to new zealand, I’m gonna buy u a beer.

  4. You convinced me that Elon Musk is really a time traveler from the future trying to invent the most modern and futuristic technologies of his time before the actual inventors did but his greed and haste will end up causing the inventions to fail and disrupt the entire fate of humanity.

    I will continue mining tomatoes and bitcoin in preparation for the apocalypse. 1NeRQxhwx6qGgB2rW7J2F61DsXro7CpAjw

  5. very informative and entertaining as always! Laughed atwhy not use that heat to grow some……food!”

    BTC: 1JxyN4YimTpS8scG62yBqyDtpKrbbBSGep

  6. Hey, Die Crypto Lark! Checkout the Punk Rock Cryptotraders group on Facebook! We love your Nexus videos!!!!

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