Bitcoin Mining Vs. Litecoin Mining in November 2017 – Which is ACTUALLY Better?

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Bitcoin Mining Vs. Litecoin Mining in November 2017 – Which is ACTUALLY Better?

38 kommentaar

  1. +Tyronne Hamilton ironically YouTube flagged five of my videos this morning. Hoping it gets better soon. 🤞

  2. Problem is though difficulty will increase over that year AND you will make less profit as time goes on…….so it wouldn’t pay for itself unless the price goes way up and doesn’t crash or am I missing something?

  3. In general this techhouse dude doesn’t know what hes talking about when it comes to mining. Before the price inflation Litecoin is the Antminer you want. But come this next BTC Segwit fork, we’ll see if BTC price comes down. Regardless, you probably don’t want to purchase any antminers right now since Japan, Rusland, and one more European country are developing what they claim is faster asic miners that requires less energy. When the new tech comes out buy those asap.

  4. how can we find these new aintminers? is there a specific website where we can locate them? I am a total noob , just doing the initial research right now.

  5. Um. Actually when they came out. Litecoin was literally a copy and past coin. All they changed was the Algo from sha256 to scrypt. Litecoin is used more so as a test network for things on the bitcoin network like segwit. I just set up a L3 for one of my clients

  6. Thank you for the video, i was one of those people who thought bitcoin would be a better deal because its worth more. I have a better understanding on the situation now.

  7. Nick Ledesma i have a client interested in investing to build a mining farm. Setup and maintenance i get 5%

  8. Mining will stay profitable for many more years to come because if difficulty rises and profitability goes down then number of miners also goes down. And when that happens profitability goes up so we should stay inside profitability forever.

  9. Dankie. The difficulty getting higher and higher and fees crazier and crazier makes me wonder how Bitcoin will fair long term. Seems like it has long transaction times and high fees so doesnt seem like it could ever be an everyday currency but only for BIG purchases

  10. I want to buy a s9 but im new to mining i dont pay for electricity i wish if someone could help me

  11. Cool info thanks! Does your internet speed make a differenceI have pretty slow internet so I wasn’t sure how much that would hurt my profits!

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