Bitcoin Mining Maart 2018 | Still Profitable?

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Hierdie video dek 9 of the current most popular miners. If you have any other miners you would like to see included, comment them below!

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Bitcoin Mining Maart 2018 | Still Profitable?

41 kommentaar

  1. HEADS UP: Ja, the first four miners are worthless. DON’T BUY THEM IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY.

  2. Did you try Baikal Giant B miner.
    Could you please shed some light on this miner.thanks!

  3. Why are you still not covering the m3 by whatsminer? I’ve been subscriber since you where tech crackhouse and your missing the boat.

  4. You should be using the mining calculator from because this one takes into account and calculates for difficulty change, while coinwarz does not. I think the coinwarz calculator gives an extremely unrealistic view on mining. It makes it look a lot more appealing and worthwhile than it actually is (at current prices).

  5. wow just talked our company and if i pass more than 100 kwh it will come down to 7 euro cent , more i will consume less i will pay lol

  6. you are correct , none is worth it with correct calculation , cant understand waht ppl do with GPU rigs , cant talk sense in to them they will just keep on spamming vids

  7. Check your local craigslist computers for sale section. You will most likely find multiple miners going for $5000, $8000, en meer. The sale of the rig after a year of mining really helps ROI and build a bigger and better rig. What I’ve also seen is because everyone keeps all their gpu boxes, when they’re done and burned out with them after a year, box them up withlike/almost newand sell them individually in the crisp looking boxes.

  8. yes they do , there is , but its not financially sound , i know original bitcoin miners , i got 280x sold their rigs , even they didn’t earn anything, barely made out their investment , if even that , some not , its a scheme , if you hold coin long get hacked always its not if you will lose coin, it will happen , if you sell there is no long term proffit , you are forced in to scheme , better choice these days is to just geet coin, they are going on cheap or free . Because no one is willing to invest really . Just small time investors , you can only rob them and that is what they do . Facebook marketing , multilayer marketing. , is better then that , its what original miners move to but i don’t guarantee success , surely i cant recommend those rigs . i osul rather sell GPUs there is profit there as you noticed ppl do that i think even AMD and nVidia are doing it , its their business but i dot think like that they are scamming ppl with these algorithms , trust me , its made up , its not made up by Vitalik Ehereum CEO , hes just a faceo if it , nVidia has a stake in it

  9. yeah i bought some on hash -flare the problem is with dificulty going up i am never going to recover my 500 dolars as the minimum ammount u can withdraw is 0.05 BTC with will take me with 2.7 TH around 1 year at current difficutly the contracts are only 1 year and the maintainance fees really hurt 🙁 . I would stay away it is my biggest mistake

  10. The page does not include the difficulty change. They suppose a constant difficulty. So it would be completely wrong to predict a long term earning there.
    Chick this page they include the difficulty change. It would be at least more accurate than coinwarz.
    I can tell you now this not profitable to mine bitcoin anymore because the difficulty is increasing too fast and in 6 months you start losing money, but by then you will have not recovered the money invested in hardware.

  11. Do you have a discord I have a wonderful idea to increase profits even you have high kWh cost

  12. I don’t think you can just look at like this. When I started mining back in 2016, I didn’t mine it for what it was, I mined it for what it some day could be. Never sold up until December 2017, (year+ later) where I took some profits and what I initially ‘invested’. Still holding and mining strong!

  13. I have invested in more than 5O ICOs . To be honest , Strong team is great rewards in this industry. For upcoming ICOs , GIG9 is my favourite choice . Incredible concept by the prestigious Oxford university UK students . Totally into this ??

  14. I thought about buying a miner, but I’m going to stick with my Acer Aspire X. It seems like it will generate about $7 in a day and a quarter, so that’s less that it costs to leave it on. I’m only paying about 4/5 the normal price for electricity because of solar, so I think I could more than break even if it doesn’t go over 250gb’s of data per month.

  15. After I suffered from a big loss with other platforms through mining then I didn’t give up until I met with Mr Michael Anthony Arron who showed a legit platform where i participated and i am earning large from it. For more info contact Mr Michael through I am forever grateful to Mr Michael Anthony Arron?

  16. I’m going to look at this like a saving account. Not going to care about the electric cost. I don’t think I will notice it. I would like to make $20 a day.

  17. Take your bitcoin mining to your college library and don’t pay any electricity 😅

  18. What is it exactly that you want to know? Buy the machine, plug it into the wall, plug Ethernet cable into machine and you’re basically done.

  19. some financial and technical stuff , and is it more profitble to invest in a cloud minning or my own setup in free electricity enviroment

  20. the Antminer L3+ is only $570 right now, when I bought it, dit was $1400. So the machine is cheap, but since there are so many out there, the rewards are very little. Currently I’m earning .02 LTC a day, that’s running 24/7 and free electricity. You need to do your own research and see what setup is best for you. I wouldn’t recommend buying your own equipment, but now that its only $570, you might want to consider it. But again, do your own research before making any large financial investments.

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