Bitcoin MiningCloud & huis – Risks & Opportunities

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What are the pros and cons of mining? Do you mine? Is cloud mining profitable?

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Bitcoin MiningCloud & huis – Risks & Opportunities

36 kommentaar

  1. I have been missing payouts from Genesis mining for months and they continue to miss payments, I have opened many tickets over the time of 5 months and they have never responded aside from automated messages. Cloud mining is the worst way to spend your crypto, if you want to spend fiat then fine, otherwise only the big youtubers make money from the bonus hashpower.

  2. Thank you for such a thorough explanation and comparison of the different mining sites and options available. It’s a great starting point for further research into the subject 👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Thanks for the update Lark. Still haven’t ventured out past genesis mining and home mining. maar, I did invest in Hydrominer and Affinity. So that scratched the itch to diversify the mining portfolio.

  4. Hey Clark did you check out the DragonMint 16TH ASIC? It just came out and the price is really good, the only problem is that they are being shipped in March.

  5. Be careful with dragonmint bitcoin miner preorder .Only pay 16cents for power in Dunedin Lark. great for mining

  6. Hi Lark, as I mentioned before, Minergate, the ROI there is a bit less than a year. Means you get what you invested in lets say 11 maande, then it will be your profit. You wasnt very clear regarding Genesis. In what time you get your ROI there?

  7. So.. this is what happened. I tried to get a 10TH/s extension on my mining contract on genesis when the February pre-sales came, but the site was lagging so bad for hours, that I gave up. Instead I went to Minergate on someones recommendation on reddit. I was busy toobut now that I can make direct comparisons, the daily payout at Minergate is roughly 1/3 of what I gain at genesis with the same 10TH/s. The differences on fees on paper arent that big so I dont know whats going on. I wouldnt recommend it based on my experience. I might get my dollar value back but its not what I expected.

  8. On the thumbnail for this video there appears to be images of people dressed in black against a yellow background moving around yet I don’t see it in the video content.just wondered what it was, as an artist I find it resonates with me.

  9. I bought 5 Th/s with genesis under your link Lark 3 months ago and couldn’t be happier and also 30 Th’s with Hashflare before the contract conditions changed. Happy days.

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