Bitcoin Maximalism – A Dangerous Path

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Bitcoin maximalist's are very vocal about their support of Bitcoin, but is it a failed ideology that hurts Bitcoin more than it helps?


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Bitcoin Maximalism – A Dangerous Path

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  1. As early adopters we should all have at least 1 bitcoin. Lark, can you interview or talk about Tyler Jenks and his Hyperwave Theory. Thanks great stuff as always. Always respect your balanced analysis. ✌🏾

  2. Agreed on the tribalism argument…. eating meat and Being to extreem against other crypto will not help us… BUT to be fair: the more time i spend in this market the more bitcoin maximalist i become… It’s all About having the bigger picture clear. Bitcoin is the most/ only decentralized protocol at scale and Will be able to do everything alts can do/ Will do. I think the Security and economic incentives are so great that alts can not compleet in the long run. Bitcoin as a base protocol with IT’s 2nd, 3th, 4th etc. layers vs ?? But for trading and making money in the short term (3-7 years) alts are great!

  3. Well said Lark, there’s more then just Bitcoin, but a lot of that has to disappear I think. More then 2000 coins is just insane I think. Eventually the demand will determine the need. Let’s see who survives.

  4. Bitcoin maximanlism reminds me of the average human mindset, where everything must have one right answer, and the right answer have to match hes or hers expectations and belief

  5. It’s not an ideology for most maximalists- it’s an evidence based opinion. You outlined some of the evidence yourself.

    If you want to watch an ideologue then listen to Roger Ver.

  6. BTC maximalists carnivory thing is one of the weirdest combinations on crypto twitter. Didn’t know you’re vegan too, cool!

  7. The Crypto Lark i’m sure about that too! Off course everyone has his own agenda but i have found the bitcoin community the most trustworthy. Alts have added value and can name you rich (most People are in this matket to name money) but risks significant higer. If we indeed get a price Search that’s comparable with the .com buble a lot of People Will lose a lot of money 🙁 Im here for the long run – 10-20 years… i think bitcoin and Mabey a hand full of alts we be here to stay…

  8. Bitcoin might not care about what you had for breakfast, but I can guarantee you that the Bitcoin Rat cares very much about that, and especially whether you finished it all or not.

  9. I don’t think you understand the the severity that would come if BTC were to be dethroned. BTC is in no way perfect however it has the best chance of achieving a set goal where as if an altcoin were to dethrone BTC then that literally just means that we can print money out of thin air and I don’t think I have to explain why that’s bad. If you can print money out of thin air then there is no value in that money

  10. Jeroen Koster , we don’t know what the right number of blockchains are. What’s the right number of companies? Is there a maximum? We can’t know. We can only allow the market to figure it out for us.

  11. Look at Marijuana and all the different strains over the years, new strains being made everyday, years ago northern lights was number 1,everyone wanted it(you may disagree depending on where you live) and today Kush is everyone’s go to,point being something will always come along that’s better, or as good,or gives people what they want or looking for in a strain.,whats good for “them”.personally” but” these strains will always be in the top and smoked by millions 🙂 is how I look at it ,same same 🙂 theses are the thoughts of one after smoking one(And I speak weed cause I think its a good example :) it? hhahaha maybe i should cut down lmao). Bitcoin Max welp Ill just say they are very easy to spot “open your mind and you will understand my point” ………..Thanks LARK THIS WAS ONE GREAT! VID,,,,,,,,,CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn…….FOLLOW LARK ON TWITTER>>>>

  12. Really, Cardano can not compete with BTC? Exactly the discussion. Yes it can and it is. Have you noticed all the innovation the Cardano team has accomplished in the 2018 bear market? It was way more than what BTC Foundation has accomplished last year.

  13. ​+Nikolas X Good to hear that Cardano devs have worked hard on their project during this downtrend. For me the real innovation is decentralization scarcity to tackle our global debt problem. The Bitcoin protocol with it’s multiple layers can offer a solution and for now only Bitcoin can offer true levels of decentralization. Other project are doing great stuff but is that enough? Could Cardano be a potential solution for the global debt problem too? I don’t think so… Would be great to see the innovation in this space evolve and maybe Cardano would be a great side chain to bitcoin!

  14. +Haradahold i think theres a disconnect of what people think is going on. it all gets confused. most of these coins are trying to be the next ether or the next xrp. bc they want the control. the truth is they need it. just as vitalik can decide to roll the chain back, cut rewards, or change the mining. i think what everyone means to say is they can make more money over here, or over there. but its more risky bc the next innovation can replace them. the deeper you go the more you learn what it means to be immutable. but you do have a few coins trying to replicate btc. but they are so few. theres a couple, literally. dash, ltc, monero. thats about it. and you need them as a protection layer for bitcoin. you kill btc we go to ltc.

  15. The real enemy here is the central banks, corrupt government and fairy land Keynesian economics. I hope crypto destroys this unfair system.

  16. +The Crypto Lark Thanks for responding to my comment 🙂 Like I said before, if an altcoin including litecoin and Dash were to take the number one spot it could hurt the cryptospace in the long term because imagine if bitcoin gets replaced then people can get this notion that they can literally create money out of thin air. If BTC gets replaced by Dash then Dash can get replaced by Litecoin, then Litecoin can get replaced by ADA, then ADA can get replaced by Bitconnect. Then you’ll see that people are literally giving value to leaves growing on trees and crypto itself could lose a lot of value. I completely support these projects that you mentioned and I think altcoins will and should be a part of the bitcoin space but if bitcoin can be passed once, then any altcoin that people give value to can be passed even something like bitconnect. Anyway keep up the good work, remember my name I hope to have you on my channel one day Lark 🙂

  17. While cryptocurrency is still speculative and not stable, I will stick with bitcoin for now. If everything fails, bitcoin will be the last one to fail.

  18. It’s weird that they are more focused on creating more coins than actually giving them a use case other than losing their value

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