Bitcoin Market MAYHEM + Tron (TRX) on BAKKT? – Vandag se Crypto Nuus

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In hierdie video, Mattie talks about the current red sea. He also gives you the latest from Tron and Bakkt. Dit is 'n daaglikse segment.
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TRON Community Asks Bakkt To Consider Adding TRX

TRON Community Asks Bakkt To Consider Adding TRX

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$63 Billion Deleted From Crypto in 7 dae, Ethereum Drops Under $100


Below $4k: Bitcoin’s Price Drops to a 420-Day Low

Below $4k: Bitcoin’s Price Drops to a 420-Day Low

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Bitcoin Market MAYHEM + Tron (TRX) on BAKKT? – Today's Crypto News

26 kommentaar

  1. Isn’t it funny how people taught that December was going to be the bull run month but instead it’s the opposite

  2. Altcoin Buzz + XRP, XLM, TRX. Almal 3 hulle het 1 big common denominator. The same person funded the start Up of all 3.
    And now there is talk of merging

    For a lot of people, Tron (TRX) is undoubtedly a coin of the future. Not only does it plan to revolutionize the entertainment industry, and really, the web itself — it is also extremely modern, and it seemingly doesn’t know how to make a bad deal. Its creator, Justin Sun, has managed to make one of the strongest, largest, and most supportive communities in the entire space, all through the combination of his personality and a simple Twitter account.
    TRON has achieved a lot in 2018, and it announced even more for the future. While its price has yet to reflect these achievements and promises, many expect that it will respond at some point, likely by a huge surge.

  3. For those who want many X-es, I recommend to buy Telegram tokens in advance

  4. Community Alert: As much as possible, only use DEX’s. This simple guideline would transform the crypto landscape dramatically for the better.

  5. Some good news BITCOINSV has been in the green for last few days till now. It is an altcoin isn’t it? Altcoins buzz about altcoins?

  6. While Altcoin Buzz has been hailing the BTC run since… 20K, and then said we have been setting up a bullish wedgedear lord you guys are terrible. I’ve put a buy order in at 2.5K.

  7. Nagyon Szeretném ,ha magyarul beszélnének,és az állást grafikont is lehetne látni ! Köszönöm !

  8. That’s why it’s the opposite, just because q4 last year was a bullrun moon boys assumed the same would happen this q4.

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