Bitcoin Investment Fund, Russian Airline Loves Blockchain, & Facebook Huobi Link – BTC & Crypto Nuus

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newscrypto index funds, German ETFs, both of the Koreas love crypto, Russian airline gets deeper into blockchain, Zuckerberg teams up with Huobi, and theft by cop shows why Bitcoin is awesome.

Morgan Creek

German ETF

Russia Blockchain

North Korea


Blockchain Education

Almost Half of the World’s Top Universities Offer Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Courses


China Bitcoin

See something, say something

China Now Has a Way for the Public to Report Illegal Token Sales

BitTube V Google

AP Civil

AP Inks Deal With Blockchain Media Startup Civil


TaTaTu to Stream William Friedkin Biopic on Blockchain Platform

Theft by cop



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Bitcoin Investment Fund, Russian Airline Loves Blockchain, & Facebook Huobi Link – BTC & Crypto Nuus

25 kommentaar

  1. “Criminalizing money” is spot on, Lark. The governmental rules and restrictions surrounding accepting and traveling with large (subjective) amounts of cash are confounding. They just gotta know where you got it and where you’re going with it.

  2. Cops have to be assigned different jurisdictions every month. This way they might get into trouble if they accidentally stole 10k from the Governor’s daughter or a judge. Nobody asks what the truckers and soldiers would like to work todaythey just do it. Why should the cops be different?

  3. Tencent owns Wechat Pay and Alibaba owns Alipay which are the two top payment systems being used in Chinaimagine 99% of Chinese use these in online paymentsThat is why they don’t want to share the market with cryptos… Vir nou.

  4. ty for review, what do u think about feniks finance ICO? I suppose this is the best product in this year.

  5. Hi guys, I generally think this is the best project of the year! I’m guessing that feniks finance has all the chances to overtake bitcoin in market capitalization.

  6. Feniks will open up new opportunities that are not available now! Bank supports, transfers, acceptance of payments. I think this is the best that could have created people. At the same time everything is anonymous!

  7. I believe that feniks with their fast blockchain will become the most popular cryptocurrency! It’s a crash for Ripple.

  8. That’s crazy the cops confiscated their cash gift cards and phone. Insane! I am going to the states soon and glad I now know of this.

  9. Also to note:

    NEX ICO details announced, happening early Sept. 🙌

    Elastos Cyber Republic announces which sounds like an amazing model for community building, would be awesome to get an update video covering this and any other new developments.

    Cheers Lark!

  10. Police stealing more from people with asset forfeiture than all robberies combined. Nothing to see here folks, keep it moving. 🤦‍♂️

  11. Hey lark I just upvoted this video on because I want to see your videos on more crypto platforms.

  12. I’ve been keeping an eye on this ICO, but this comment and its replies are obvious forms of advertising. Kind of sends a red flag to me.

  13. I love your humor. Its a real pleasure to watch you dish the headlines and I also get crack up every now and again.

  14. Would love to see some in depht on DNAtix on your channel. Something next level? btw i do not own DNAtix nor am associated with them. Just interested in the project and your thoughts on this.

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