Bitcoin Guru Tom Lee Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $25,000 in 2018

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Bitcoin Guru Tom Lee Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $25,000 in 2018

24 kommentaar

  1. There is allot of public and not so public pushing around by the sec these days contributing to the drop, which in my opinion will continue before it recovers. The 25k seems conservative to me by the end of year. Try some target practice in the meantime on your other channel.

  2. Till this Mt. Gox liquidation still around, Bitcoin will not reach that price. He still have 160k to sell, this is not fud it’s really happening.

  3. Keep doing what ur doingbought an Antminer because of u based of ur experience and what would be best ….thanks for the motivation I got an litcoin miner of u were wondering

  4. Lee should stick to playing drums, making a prediction like that when he did was overly conservative.

  5. You do good work. Often coming up with articles and information that are informative … (certainly helpful to me) … but your video regarding the ‘Harvard professorwas perplexing. Other than citing his disgust for cryptoand even for those who own itthe good prof gave no reasoned argument regarding crypto currencies. Not even a badly reasoned one. It was pure screed.

    So it begs the question, why was this professor’s strangely emotional rantworth relaying to your YouTube audience? What benefit did it provide? What insight did one gainother than smart people can also be ignorant and say stupid s**t?

    You mentioned the word ‘prestigiousat least twice in this videogoing as far as to compare Tom Lee’s background to the Harvard prof’sand concluding that Tom Lee’s falls short. Why? Does it, really? Not from my vantage point.

    Too may people are influenced, even swayed by establishment appellations.

    Do you know how many Harvard professors of economics scoffed at the then nascent eBay, Amazon, Shutterfly, Priceline of the dotcom eraor Apple and Microsoft before thenor the ‘personal computerbefore that? _Nay-saying_ Professors, lectures, papers, POVs, White Papers, and editorialswere legion.

    Back to your use of the word ‘prestigious’:
    Prestige in any field is based on a body of workand it’s impact in the corresponding field. … not titles, degrees, accolades or the institution one happens to be employed at.

    In the case of crypto currencieswho has a body of work worthy of the qualifier‘prestigious’?
    Maybe Lee is not there yetbut that Harvard professoris not even on the radar.

    Keep up the good work,

  6. Predictions are guesses and guesses are worthless. If no one is purchasing coins how will the price go up? There was TA in 2017 that said bitcoin would reach 50k by Feb 2018yeah,,, reg.

  7. YUP! It’s still interesting to hear different ideas and perspectives though. Sure beats all the other crap people are talking about.

  8. Fue Chee your must be a younger guy. Ja, $25,000 seems small because of all the expectations we have of BTC. But if you think you’re going to become a millionaire off BTC, your won’t. And in fact. As of today, if you buy 1 BTC now, $25000 will triple your gain. That’s unheard of in any other market

  9. LEDU coin has always and will always be the leading coin and currently they are listing on and bibox.

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