Bitcoin Dominance Rises As People Exit Altcoin Positions To Chase Bitcoin?

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Typically as things in the cryptocurrency market stagnate, people exit altcoin positions to chase Bitcoin on its surge. Once Bitcoin tops out then, the new money typically pours over into the altcoins. Is this guaranteed to happen? Geen. Based on historical references, this stuff does happen.

Bitcoin Dominance Rises As People Exit Altcoin Positions To Chase Bitcoin?

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  1. Coins to buy


    NEO was somewhat safe and I pulled 250 shares out at 132

    Still own 500 OMG only one staying alubev

  2. I came to crypto in Q1 and only invested small to figure the space out. Made most of my investment into alt coins on the big dip. Im HODLING my alts.

  3. If they’re selling their Alt Coins and taking losses to chase BitCoin, that’s a big mistake in my opinion.
    Until i won’t have at least 2x on each of them, I ain’t selling squat!
    I’m actually buying more Alt Coins.

  4. well wait to see what happens with bitcoin but if you’re up in BTC and with altcoins down i’d think about getting back in some good alt positions for long term 😉

  5. ek stem saam, if you are not a day trader, best practice is to hold the coins that you believe in. I am also in privacy coins, but my choice are GoByte and DeepOnion.

  6. fhoplist I ignored taxes till I cash out which is not anytime soon. I’ll figure out how to do it in actual CASH. Keep My riches of %40 extra percent to myself. California isn’t always that fun you know.

  7. observe where everybody is going, then go the opposite route” – Mike Rowe
    GET THOSE ALT’s. There’s some good deals out there like Nexus. Used to be like $14 and now just a little over $2!

  8. ya hardly have to be a veteran to comprehend the significance of Litecoin etc. but they are all definitely better for getting multiple times returns.

  9. King Homerlong term female here taking slight offense to such clueless ignorance ! Would luv to compare portfolios tough guy !

  10. That’s correct, the alts are much better technology than BTC and coins like Cardano will eventually take the number 1 spot.

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