Bitcoin Dominance Effect on Altcoins Value Could Continue

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With Bitcoins market share rising back over 40 percent and very little fiat injections coming into the market, it is possible this trend could continue with some stagnation in the altcoin market.

Bitcoin Dominance Effect on Altcoins Value Could Continue

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  1. Thanks JEFF. Since I bought at higher prices , I have to have patience. Now I can’t just buy cheap prices. They have to be dirt dirt cheap (for good projects) for it to be worth it.

  2. I’m new but I am in it for the learn term. I learned quickly to take all youtube advice with a grain of salt and that predictions are almost totally useless. I’ve researched the companies I invested in and I follow their updates and progress not their positioning.
    Dankie, good video.

  3. isn’t it odd how the Crypto market turned once the mainstream Futures CME gamblings started?!?
    rich boy manipulationthat’s all we really need to understand. THEY want to crush cryptocurrency and are using their money to take steam out of the entire market.

  4. hey jeff lets not always talk about the market. its going to do what it going to do but i do appreciate your outlook. But lets look into these new projects. Seems like alot of these new coins are really good long term and they are going unnoticed because the market went read. I think lets keep some balance in the videos. But I love you guys for the hard work you put in for our benefit. Thank You.

  5. not going anywheredca on my good alts
    sowhere is the herd we heard so much about?

  6. The new scam of the day is to imitate reputable YT channels and shill ICO Telegram groups for payment to do a review. May want to make a statement about it.

  7. I think we were spoiled in December and January with a green market and some fast action volatility. And now for the last two or three weeks people have gotten bored with short attention span‘s. plan!

  8. I agree that the timeframe for BTC vs. Alts is unpredictable. If everything happenedexactly like last time,” everyone would be such a good trader 🙂

  9. aka – got in to crypto for the wrong reasons. has no idea what they’re investing in. will lose their money and never drive a lambo.

  10. Jeff, I love your videos, but could you please look into your sound setup? I can barely hear your voice on my tablet. Sound is at half the range of other YouTube videos. Dankie!

  11. The only buzz around altcoins these days is that of flies on a rotting carcass!!!

    But I’m holding. Gluten for punishment I guess.

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