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Bitcoin Cash fork drama hits the markets hard, SEC shakes down ICOs and much more.
Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!



Looking to buy or liquidate a large amount of coin?
Caleb & Brown is here to help.


E-pos met besigheid of gebeurtenis navrae.

Alles hier uitgespreek is my mening en nie amptelike beleggingsadvies – asseblief doen jou eie navorsing voordat gevaar vir jou eie geld.

Dankie vir jou kyk; asseblief graag, skryf, en deel as jy dit nuttig gevind!

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Questions and AnswersCrypto Lark Community Chat

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  1. Top 10 is easy, if u look at the team, tech, comunity, daar is 10 projects that are really good, from what i researched Cardano is the best of them, followed by stellar, zcash, xmr, ens, bat, mft, nulls, nxs and qtum.

  2. Hi Lark, I really appreciate your content! I was wondering if you could make a video on the cyber republic (of Elastos). We could really use some publicity and I know your opinion matters for a lot of your viewers (including me). Keep it up Lark, you’re the best!

  3. Thanks Lark. Do you think ICX will up to the ETH of Korea hype? I like that they’ve focused on how to bring successful brick and mortar companies to the blockchain. Also the fact that when asked about competition? Their response was that they see it more as collaborative effort to help bring mass adoption.

  4. Nicely said, good projects with low market cap, plus currently undered valued, is better to look for then under a dollar. Thank you for the contributions of great content.

  5. +The Crypto Lark Bezants CEO is the creator of Bithumb and people are leaving stellar lumens for bezant. Stellar Lumens of Korea with connections to ICON

  6. Just looked as the Market cap dumped 10 Billion and Coinbene was #1 for BTC volume!!!!!!! Looks fishy.

  7. Prices getting tasty! Buy when there is blood in the streets, suggested a Rothschild. But I think bargans may get better. What opportunities.

  8. I don’t know what you’re talking about Lark. Those Monero payments were just for general privacy, and not to get people to FUD certain projects that I like. I’m just looking to buy the dip organically just like everyone else. So you can’t prove that it was me!

  9. 35:35 Once again I love how you leave a major competitor out as usual TRONstill love ya bro no matter what 🙂

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