Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – UN, Soros, Mining Crack Down, & EOS

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Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsSoros gets into crypto, a county in Washington sours on bitcoin miners, EOS releases Dawn 3.0, and the UN is using Ethereum for payments.
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Elastos & Far Eastern

Monero Forks


EOS Dawn

UN World Food Programme

UN is Helping 80 Million People Fight Hunger With Ethereum-Based Transactions

Bitfinex Fraud

Washington Bitcoin Crack Down

Soros getting into crypto

South Africa Crypto Regulatory Body

Pakistan Bars Crypto

Pakistan Bars Banks from Crypto and ICO Trading

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – UN, Soros, Mining Crack Down, & EOS

38 kommentaar

  1. Rules have to be made by all citizen not by one bastartd headgoverments are our enemy !!!they don t want us rich healthy and smart .

  2. Your vids are the perfect length and packed with great coverage. Always appreciated. 🙂

  3. Hey Lark another great video, can you please have a look at crowd machine ICO looks amazing.

  4. Remember just because a bank bands cryptos does not mean it’s a LAW. A law typically has to go through voting protocol etc in real countries. No law no ban!

  5. Key Cause Of Action In Common Law. In America the people are the government. They cant tell us what to do period. Knowledge is power. and so is electricity. Baha 🙂

  6. I can just feel the excitement in the air. Spring is here and crypto is about to blossom.

    Love you Crypto and hi to all the strong hands out there who have survived winter!!!

  7. You rock dude! Finally some cryptos are pulling some good moves on the coinmarketcap line graphs.

  8. borg386 state bank poicy is equal to law , rest of banks have to follow it meant transaction can be catch and same law of irregular transaction under criminal offence will be applied , it meant people can be caught ,so Sites like already ending its function 😡😢

  9. onthou, just because there is a law doesn’t mean we have to follow. We need to come together and resist tyranny.

  10. shoaib if true, it’s obviously not right. But in US law is governed by the government, not the banks.

  11. this guy right here exactly right! Like smoking or drinking. You can make all the laws you want, but people will still drink and smoke.

  12. good video, good to be aware of Soros, very good thing for investors to know about, and be wary -and how these big wigs change their thoughts for their own purpose and benefit, anyhow good video and i can’t keep up with all the ones you publish, anyways thanks again sincerely excitingworldcryptos

  13. Ok Chelan had me worried (I live in WA) they run PUD affordable power kinda stuff. Most of the rest of at least the WA coast doesn’t from my understanding or at least the cities in which I have lived. So I don’t think this speaks for the rest of our state at the least….. I hope. Thanks for all your hard work Lark.
    -Kilana Kyasuta

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