Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Shocking Bank Actions, Blockchain Voting, & Big Data

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsblockchain voting in Switzerland, Ethereum Classic added to Coinbase, big data is big, more bank and financial regulator double standards, and project updates.

Ethereum Classic Coinbase

Blockchain Voting Switzerland

Big Data

Korean Banks

Korean Banks Can Use Blockchain to Verify Customer IDs from July

Ratings Agencies

UK Financial Watchdog

UK Money Launder

SEC Bank of America

Bank of America Ban

verslag: Bank of America, JP Morgan Ban Credit Crypto Purchases

Paxful Africa

Blockchain Water

BANKEX Unveils First Blockchain-Based Public Access Clean Water System in Kenya


Stellar Lumens Malta

World’s First Cryptocurrency Mobile Phone Network YOVO Chooses Stellar (XLM) and Malta


Deep Brain Chain Singularity NET

DeepBrain Chain and SingularityNet Partner On Blockchain AI


Amy Castor, Crypto Expert, Talks QuadrigaCX at MPWR Summit

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Shocking Bank Actions, Blockchain Voting, & Big Data

28 kommentaar

  1. Seems these stories will be cycling next year too. Legacy will not go quietly. Yay Bankex. Yay Stellar. Nice Lark. Aloha.

  2. We need to get through the hype cycle before we hit bottom. There’s still too much hope and expected bull runs. Once there’s all out despair and anger, and no ones positive, that’s when I buy.

  3. What’s ridiculous is the amount of folks begging for institutional money to flood the crypto market. sommige, knowing full well what the banks, rating agencies and regulatory commissions bringIE FRAUD!

  4. Ethereum Classic should have been added to Coinbase when the fork happened. It would be worth so much more today. ETC has a great future in my opinion. They are looking into the IOTs. It basically has all of the functions for a great blockchain. Cardano Wallet will support it. This whole IOHK, ETC, Cardano system will be huge in my opinion. Ouroborous is a beast. Great minds

  5. Hey Lark 🙂 It would be great if you take a look at Proxeus (XES). It’s a Swiss-token, crypto daily covered it a day ago. They’ve had a silent ICO without marketing, sold out in two days.
    As I know, you love good tech, and Proxeus is just amazing. Its half the ICO price at the moment. Take a look! I think this project has a huge potential. Greetings from Switzerland!

  6. Another info packed video! Nice to see you more front and center on this one. The hubs and I appreciate all that you do. In our house once the coffee is made in the morning, “The Larkmust be played! 😂🙏💖

  7. Best intro on this particular video ever, said let’s take a look at the markets and then quickly ahhk nothing to look at here lol. That’s the only way to hodl bro is just don’t look at those bad day’s or months. Love your channel bro.

  8. I am not supportive of iot, the Agenda 21 plan for cataloging and tracking every plant, animal, human and thing to be centrally controlled by psychopaths.

  9. Rabie Alkamouchi that’s too high. Zoom out your chart and get perspective.

  10. Blockchain using for voting, yes please 👌👍.
    Reality is mining will switch from btc to other more profitable coins probably. Will btc get more centralised?🤷🏽‍♂️
    Thank you for the interesting video 💪👍❤️

  11. Miners would never let it go lower than cost, so you know what the real bottom is if you know that cost

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