Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Nasdaq Crypto Exchange, Paypal Founder BTC a Scam, & Binance

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The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencyNasdaq open to crypto exchange, Paypal founder talks trash on crypto, Binance getting sued and buying stuff, and the latest updates from the top projects.

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Bitcoin Paypal

Bitstamp for sale

Binance Lawsuit

Binance Acquisitions


Nasdaq Bitcoin

Nasdaq ‘Would ConsiderCreating a Crypto Exchange, Says CEO

ERC20 drama



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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Nasdaq Crypto Exchange, Paypal Founder BTC a Scam, & Binance

29 kommentaar

  1. History dont lie, the purchasing power of fiat is going down while prices of goods and commodities are going up. Now that’s a bubble.

  2. Back in doghouse doesn’t the crypto world understand it’s hard for a 6’2guy who enjoys a western diet ( bit fat ) to get into a doghouse. Bugger bloody red.

  3. art on the blockchain, Georgian mining ico and Aussie grain ico, got a busy afternoon checking these out

  4. This not financial advice. This is just a dude talking about cryptocurrency👀👀👀 the internet??? is this the right channel? lol.

  5. If crypto is a massive pump n dump scheme, then the stock market is too. And the stock market has proven otherwise, so too will the crypto market

  6. I will be talkingt o the Ambit guys next weekI like the divident tokens, and they seem to have a good model for it

  7. Actually Bitcoin is accepted at a discount at Apex for purchasing gold bullion and other precious metals they wouldn’t do that unless they thought the price was going to substantially increase over time. Thanks for the video lark

  8. J Crypto APRN depends on your goal. If you want $100k in the next couple of years, koop 100 😉

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