Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Ethereum Cap, Qlink, & Robin Hood

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Today in Bitcoin & cryptocurrency Ethereum looks to introduce a cap, Qlink and Binance partner up, Robinhood brings easy crypto trading to four states, and so much more!

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Ethereum Cap, Qlink, & Robin Hood

36 kommentaar

  1. Check out what I posted you your FB page looks really cool and could help people find decent information

  2. Thanks for the updates Crypto Lark #noshavetill20kcrypto lark nation”……..short and sweet update lol

  3. I just sold most of my stock holdings today on Robin Hood and bought bitcoin. Only costed a 0.04 cent fee, Nice!. These war tariffs are no joke and it only just started. This should be the time to buy bitcoin. When everyone is scared especially yourself, that should be a sign to take a risk.

  4. I will be happy with a Toyota CHR hybrid. After that i will think of donating to charity.

  5. Don’t need to be rich af to have a charitable soul.Also, if you’ve managed through accumulation/trading of cryptos to acquire enough money to buy a Lamborghini, then you’re probably at that point quite rich (assuming you’re not dumb enough to spend all of your holdings on just a car).

  6. It isn’t when Lambo for me. It’s when can I surprise my parents by paying off their house for them.

  7. We’re SAVED!!…”
    The ETH cap seems like a good way to go.
    Thanks for the news buddy!!!!
    -Kilana Kyasuta

  8. 2nd Quarter has had a decent startI think the worst is over. I posted on a few channels last week that it could be the last time coins were at those low levels. hopelik, fingers crossed, I’m right. Neo still at a silly low pricecan see this being close to $300 end of 2018 very easily. LLTBC 🙂

  9. Everyone has their own metaphorical Lamborghini. If it’s not a car, then maybe it’s a house, or traveling, or the big charity donation you want to make. It’s just a symbolic goal.

  10. Dankie, meneer. I like to think we’re not all here just for the money making possibilities.

  11. I personally love my truck. Even if I have $100 mill in crypto, I’ll be keeping her till she dies. I will definitely be finishing the renovation on my house and paying off my mortgage. Na dit, hopefully I will have the money to help out my community. I live in a very poor rural area of middle TN. It would be nice to help build up their technological infrastructure and educational resources. Maybe even be able to bring some economy to the area. I see that as the entire purpose of crypto and moving away from the centralized internet and the financial moguls controlling all of the world’s resources. Otherwise we’re just creating a new class of moguls.

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