Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Diamonds on the Blockchain, Super Rich Securing BTC, and Huawei

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsDe Beers using blockchain for diamond trade, super rich burying their Bitcoin, Huawei bringing Bitcoin to China, telegram, Robin Hood, Qtum, lae, and much more.

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Bitcoin Bunkers

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Avalon Miner

Chinese Bitcoin Mining Giant Set for $1 Billion IPO in Hong Kong



Bitflyer on Hiring SpreeDiscusses Multiple Expansion Plans

Diamonds = sosiale&utm_content=business


Stratis announces the full release of their ICO platform


Robin Hood


Qtum one step closer to mass adoption after point-of-sale deal with Pundi X

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Diamonds on the Blockchain, Super Rich Securing BTC, and Huawei

26 kommentaar

  1. Lark, do you sleep brother? You’re like the most prolific source of information ever!

  2. Amazing work mate, thanks for being a reliable source of info.


  3. Love the Channel! Keep the content excellent as awesome always!😍👍👍

    TRX: 0x3f96c425a7b4b8c6dd9a2b3be142f74d3555810e

  4. Tron, is like your firstcrazy, obviously a bad ideabut fun times

  5. You should review Skrumble Network. A great team backed with big names in crypto. It hit the exchange today and it already has $30 Million volume.

  6. So refreshing to see a Crypto analyst not flipping out and melting down every time BTC falls a couple of percent and yes incase nobody has ever noticed when BTC falls most other coins do at varying rates ……….Lark stays cool and keeps it real
    TRX 0xF4A2C6Ef372428AE6d905cA29d5b29de3B7a1dd2

  7. The continuing conflicting information concerning China is making my head spin!
    Considering Huawei became the second biggest smartphone company last years and wouldn’t do anything to anger their Chinese government, it makes me want to assume that the latter is changing it’s stance on the subject.

  8. Another ON-POINT, don’t worry about the small stuff, stay focused on the important stuff, and be happy advise from The Lark. Love what ya do, man. Dankie!
    TRX – 0x675aee53d74d9797e874a57b411d42ffacc6166e

  9. DazzFire well FOMO, uhhh TOMO chain is holding wel during this dip, best opportunities i see are NEO, ONT and EOS, they are going down bigtime, even compared to BTC.

  10. I went in harder on ELA. ONT was tempting though, but I have a lot already as well I have a lot of NEO. I feel like I’m too late for EOS.

  11. I just saw suppoman pushing himself on crypto daily, I love the way you make money ethically in my opinion. I have grown a lot over last 5 months.. Thank you I actually respect the way you run your channel.. so many just about do very well doing it with more transperancy. NOTHING WRONG WITH MAKING MONEY, BUT HOW IS IMPORTANT

  12. INSANE to think that 82% of wealth was hoarded by just 1% of people.. Decentralized money really is the way to go.. Great video as usual man and thanks for the TRX drop: 0x2e4787515e284d06fc3199e301895e36a0e24d0f

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