Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – BTC Market Manipulation, Mining Wars, and Barcelona Blockchain

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsBitcoin and crypto markets under investigation for manipulation, GMO bringing the 7nm chip miner to market, Publica launches book ICO, and Barcelona gets a blockchain centre.

Market Manipulation Investigation


Bitcoin Gold

Tom Lee

Russian ICO

Bitcoin Mining

Tech Giant GMO to Roll Out World’s First 7nm Bitcoin Miner

Amex Blockchain

American Express Explores Blockchain to Protect User Identity

Barcelona Blockchain


Tim Draper

Publica Book ICO

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – BTC Market Manipulation, Mining Wars, and Barcelona Blockchain

24 kommentaar

  1. Sounds like regulators are trying to clean up the obvious manipulation before the ETFs and big boys officially get involved.

  2. Great news today as usual and especially love the book ICO. Damn things are looking good. Aloha Lark.

  3. Spot on!! This investigation is great for the future of the market. Crypto needs this to explode.

  4. The investigation is awesome in my eyes, this manipulation is suppressing the marketscare the poisonous off or even better find out who it is, the market will finally have growth aligned to news. Currently no matter how far awesome projects go on their roadmaps, get closer to a ready product & having something special ready for adoption, the market is not reacting naturally, irrational movement needs to go. Watch the market go up after this as they lay off finally.

  5. This is a great news for regular crypto investors for sure discouraging scammers and market manipulators from stealing money from unwary/honest crypto investors.

  6. It would be great to weed out these bad actors for surethey are giving us a bad name!

  7. Don’t get me wrong, Lark. I appreciate your content and all the effort/value you bring. Keep diggin’:)

  8. when they find out who they are…geen… puppet masters heads don’t roll ! go crypto

  9. Larkalways love the show. Any word on when Ontology will do their mainnet launch? I do realize Q2, but do you have any more specific info? Thanks Lark, always a pleasure.
    BTC: 114kwr6MxWrucXNnRvSFnT8hqxRyvKU7Ly

  10. It’s a huge plus, it gives investors confidence the SEC will take bad actors seriously.

  11. Such a disconnect between the development and the price. I thought this correction was too brutal to make sense.

  12. It will allow regulations and bring legitimacy (vindicating the establishment’s concerns), but no one will be prosecuted- or maybe just a insignificant “fall guy”. They will say, we cleaned crypto currencies up and now it’s okay to invest.

  13. Terloops, I’d love to say, that I love Publica team and community. So calm, smart and positive people. It’s a pleasure to be a publican. Step by step we will transform publishing industry. vandag, we are celebrating one of those steps, cheers! Amazing job Crypto Lark, thanks!

  14. I think this will be the reason Tzero and similar exchanges will be game changers for the ecosystem. Agreed on the decentralization of the network of course. About time bitmain had some competition.

  15. Its the big boys doing all the nasty stuff, to manipulate the price of Bitcoin you need a lot of money.

  16. Hey lark, always impressed about the content! especially about your knowledge about the European infrastructure. Best from Dortmund, ‘cheese up’

  17. 1ENNubDNjocV5gB7CX7juZBhCdFQWCMHXa Thanks for always keeping me updated on the cryptospace brotha!

  18. I love how people are acting like manipulation only happens to supress prices. What if they found out that the ATH was heavily manipulated and the real price is WAY lower for alot of coins?!

  19. Great video! It’s not just whale manipulation either. I don’t know how many times I have been tracking ETH on GDAX to purchase and seen the multiple .01 transaction price spike. I just wait a few minutes for it to correct though.

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