Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Bitfinex Not Guilty, Prince Harry, & Sjina

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Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsBitfinex says not guilty after internal audit, Prince Harry gets commerative Royal Coin, China goes big into blockchain investing, and NEM sees more adoption!

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Wellington NEM

NEM in the Capital, Catapult & Choice!

Monday, Apr 16, 2018, 6:00 PM

Creative HQ
1/7 Dixon St, Te Aro Wellington, NZ

25 Members Went

NEM is in Wellington! Get along to hear Jason LeeGlobal Director of Partnerships & Strategic Alliances discuss the NEM blockchain and how you might be able to harness the power of NEM in your field of work. The Choice team will be sharing their journey of their recently successful community fund proposal with the Foundation where they hav

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MakerDAO and OmiseGO

Golem Mainnet


Bitfinex Denies Money Laundering Claims After ‘Internal Investigation

Phillipines Surge in Crypto

Chile Ethereum Energy

Chile Energy Regulator Adopts Ethereum Blockchain

Prince Harry

EU & blok ketting

Japan Crypto Buyers

Japan Could Have More Than 3 Million Crypto Traders

Chine Blockchain Fund

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Bitfinex Not Guilty, Prince Harry, & Sjina

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  3. Damn Lark, GREAT rhythm and texture. I could have easily watched 30 minutes more at that rate. Good stuff!

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  6. Dankie,great news reviewnoshavetill20k”.raven hm I have no address for raven lol…….. re tweeted few days ago tho on twitter,that be soo nice to win ledger nano S…….yes please 😉 lol good luck to meeeeee………….just finished signing up to @CryptoNumbNuts

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