Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Bitcoin Milestone, VC Bullish on Crypto, and Fine Art

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The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencyBitcoin hits a big milestone, Ukrainian party funding on crypto, Vitalik and Charles boycotting Consensus and Fresco is giving out tokens in exchange for doing a crazy art quiz.

Comcast Interview

Comcast Ventures Bullish On Bitcoin | CNBC


Bitcoin crosses 17 miljoen

Die 17 Millionth Bitcoin Is About to Be Mined: What It Means and Why It Matters

Mt. Gox Bitcoin

Crypto Security

Ukraine Political Party

Philippines Crypto Exchanges

Chilean Banks


Zilliqa Genaro Network

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus – Bitcoin Milestone, VC Bullish on Crypto, and Fine Art

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  1. No disrespect to some of the other crypto content creators, but I’m always a bit baffled as to how Lark has only 70k subs when some of these other folks have 185k+. Thanks for the content, it’s much appreciated, and makes staying up to date on all that’s happening a bit easier.

  2. Malta is slowly becoming one of my favorite places on earth. Glad to see the courts step in as well with banks choosing to print money, then not accept it.

  3. You can tell how passionate he is about crypto. His channel has great content and I like his humility. I’m fairly new to his group but he’s becoming one of my favorites to follow.

  4. Elec! 0x58a1856b24cb3b210f1aaa9d63bff7d12f1eb8cc Great job getting quality videos out for us so consistently! I appreciated your recent video covering all the electric power distribution coins.

  5. I have been to conferences in Europe & Australia and normally put on by service providers & i paid for airfare and hotel etc that was enough. Entry Free

  6. Hey Lark, if you remember I was the first bloke to point you in the direction of Electrify Asia….. but don’t let that influence your decision 🙂 0xdFe8C99Ca155E6687914f3e7cCB9e67A55a19fd0

  7. To be honest 3000$ is quite a lot but people don’t mind paying for itI love your reviews!! You haven’t done one on howdoo yet and their pre sale starts in a few days…. I was wondering if you could do one so I know wether to purchase the tokens or not??? ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Keep up the good work! You’re like my morning coffee while I’m preparing breakfast for my family😃😃 Long live the blockchain!

  9. Crypto Lark, so appreciative of your constant effort at sifting between the wheat and the chaff. Also great research and vid on latest top 5 energy projects. ELEC: 0x842f81e75a896e1625f739cdec86caee867e85ec

  10. Ongelukkig, had to do the test twice. first time, the web page failed to submit. Anyways at the end, 88/100 isnt so bad.

  11. GOCHAIN is an amazing opportunity. A platform ready to go in May and ethereum killer potential!

  12. 3000 is definitely too much. Loving Charles boycotting the event ❤️ Good guy Charles

  13. LONG LIFE THE BLOCKCHAIN 0xf676db0aBccce64Dd4EE8c402DcA2Ac85B2ea066
    You really deserve more viewers and subs. You post great content

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