Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Future Legitimacy and Bitcoin and Taxation

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Can Bitcoin be used as a widely accepted form of currency, or will the banks and the government step in and try to stop the mainstream adoption. This is a real subject that we must all be aware of as we move forward.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Future Legitimacy and Bitcoin and Taxation

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  1. what supporting alts? Bitcoin! Bitcoin is supported by alts! Altcoins are now adopted by most giants! Bitcoin is simply the cash cow of the revolution.

  2. I’m still lost with how it would work. For mining, say you bought 2 GTX 1080s plus tax itd be like $1100 it would take something 100+ days to even get back what you spent, not including electricity cost.
    What if you don’t have Bitcoin but ETH, LTE or whatever crypto you have, would they tax those?

    Can’t the IRS just buy Bitcoin themselves and leave everyone elses alone?

    If you bought BTC at $10k do they tax the $10k?

    If you bought at $10k and it goes up to to $10,500 do they tax only the $500 increase or the the whole $10,500? So many questions

  3. The ones making the real cash-ola are the middlemen running the exchange markets and to a lesser extent the miners.

  4. IRS COIN? Net 'n gedagte, thay can get the tax if a automatic fee is implemented for them within the system. And we can all buy IRS coin and make money also. Lol

  5. Thank you so much for you great videos. Really appreciate them and have learned a lot.

    persoonlik, I think the safest investments are the coins that have been adopted by already established companies and/or governmentswhich would include IOTA, Stellar Lumens, rimpeleffek, Power Grootboek, ens. (They prove some functionality beyond just being a medium of exchange) Natuurlik, some of those aren’t as much fun 😉 Also, any coin with a marketing team and big marketing budget will likely do welljust by virtue of spreading the wordso that would include EOS and Dash. The anonymity of bitcoin is pretty epicthe fact that no one knows the creatorso I think that has huge value toobut I also think the blockchain technology rather than just being a store of value is the future of the cryptocurrenciesso investing in coins as though they are stocks makes a lot of sense, therefore IOTA, Lumens, ens. Abundance! Thank you for your great service.

  6. We only have government because people keep believing we have to have government. The mentality of a slave!

  7. Well there is a lot happening this week with the launching of bitcoin futures so we have to be careful

  8. Ricardo Alvarez im long term and i know 2018 will be a wonderful year for litecoin and many others! Iota and Cardano are great projects going into 2018 ook! Wish you and your cryptos the best!

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