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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Chats with The Crypto Lark

36 kommentaar

  1. Lark.. Im disappointed in you. Your. still on the Chrome crack.. It’s time to ‘Braveit up and put your chrome to the side.

    A week into using brave and I love it. Totally faster and only a few bugs to work out.

  2. Total market cap lost 13 miljard, I went to sleep in the morning and saw this around 4.30 pm, it’s fishy

  3. ICO’s are like restaurants 90% are going to fail. If a ico tastes good support it long term or otherwise it will die. The customer decides which restaurant stays in business.

  4. I get excited when I see red because it’s time to buy if you hold long-term and you see red then it just went on sale. As long as adoption increases overtime so will the coins value.

  5. What’s the point in investing in an ICO when it TANKS a few days after release to a trading platform?
    Why not just buy it up when it goes down? Mental.

  6. There’s a part missing? I was wondering if you have an explanation for today’s BTC drop when the split is yet to come

  7. dammit………..missed again,thought you were going live Wed,u said ugh fml……great live stream again, well done to bad i missed it ;(

  8. CRYPTO NumbNuts He’s in New Zealand, it was Wednesday for him when he went live. Depends where you live

  9. NAV looks like a scam. I would love to show you the [ANN] thread that exposes the company.

  10. Hi, I told Charles that you would like to make an interview with him. I have no idea whether it is possible or not. But I did. So it is up to you now. Go to the cardano community in FB and try to reach to him. He is there.

  11. Hi Lark, Great video again and nice to hear ur looking into Nexus ! We got alot going on! New weekly video with the team this friday! 20/10

  12. Thanks Swedish Trucking!! My bad on the settings, should have been 720! Had some technical difficulties yesterday. really appreciate the feedback

  13. Already done it and arranged it, we will be talking closer to the release of the roadmap! Thanks for reaching out though. People like you make this happen!

  14. Ja, had to cut the first 15 minutes because of some problems with the recording, sometimes the exuberance and excitement just dies down a bit. Watch for a spike on the 23rd and 24th just before the split.

  15. because not all of them do, OMG for example had about 1 hour where it was below ICO price, all up from there

  16. oh must be 1/2 a day ahead of Canada lol ,I Know he is in New Zealand,,,just didn’t really check the time difference out usually around 1 am here when i catch live OHHHHHH WELLL 😉

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