Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Hints & Tips – tegniese ontleding – Key Indicators

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technical analysis practical tips and advice with Wendy O !

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Alles hier uitgespreek is my mening en nie amptelike beleggingsadvies – asseblief doen jou eie navorsing voordat gevaar vir jou eie geld.

Hierdie video kan kopiereg materiaal waarvan die gebruik is nie altyd spesifiek deur die eienaar van die kopiereg gemagtig bevat. Sulke materiaal beskikbaar gestel word vir navorsing of akademiese doeleindes. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' van enige sodanige materiaal met kopiereg, soos bepaal in artikel 107 van die Wet Amerikaanse kopiereg. In ooreenstemming met Titel 17 U.S.C. artikel 107, hierdie video is versprei sonder wins, vir navorsing en opvoedkundige doeleindes.

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Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Hints & Tips – tegniese ontleding – Key Indicators

23 kommentaar

  1. Great interview and trading explanation. “The market doesn’t care about your feelings.Words from the wise indeed.

  2. All these “experts” doing TA. Do any of you have credible expertise in financial markets? Degrees? of, just playing pretend? 🤦‍♂️

  3. News is fake and misleading at times. TA gives you a broader picture that the news doesn’t mention, hence the CNBC effect.

  4. Ja, but the same people that say buy the dips are the same folks who don’t follow the charts, and those dips become lower lows. The price can continue dipping to 0. That’s why TA is important and news is BS.

  5. GREAT guest, once again!
    Thank you very much Ms Wendy O for your sense of humour, your common sense and your techknowledge. I was waiting for some clean-cut information explaining in which way the crypto needs its own (personalised) standards: you made it all crystal.
    As for me, I’m more of a researcher and intuitive investor, rather than a trader. This was very useful information. 🙂

  6. Lark no disrespect but having a crypto news channel is one thing, but it really worries me when influential people like yourself start dabbling with the idea of covering trading. I’m sure Wendy has made a few bucks but she’s no trader, nor is she in a position to be educating others especially in the war zone of crypto. Very few people can honestly say they haven’t lost money in the last 12 maande. These educational pieces are lightweight and misleading, en (excuse the pun!) Give off the wrong signal. Sorry dude, has to be said.

  7. Patience to me is king, and never panic sell, if I’m long on a coin I will
    Hold it to the end, is my philosophy

  8. I like how you get all the different people on your show. It is so great to get the different views and personalities. Always helps with different ideas in this crypto space . Cheers JR

  9. who the hell is Wendy O? if the tech indicators are so precise the Wall Street brokers wont jump from sky rocket buildings 😉

  10. TheBee War zone, you Americans only think in terms of war.
    The best thing this lady said was all them fancy candle sticks are not 100% correct. My opinion, all trading is gambling, investing is better but still a gamble especially cryptos.
    The best rule is don’t put money in you cant loose which will make you never put in stop losses and only ever try to sell at a profit, as in don’t loose any money ever unless well of course it goes to 0 and never put all your eggs in one basket or have many baskets that are the same. Easy really because you have time on your side and only one of them has to pay off. That’s my 23 cents worth.

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