Bitcoin & Crypto Price NewsIs There Hope?

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Circle CEO: in 3 Years Bitcoin [BTC] is “Certainly Going to be Worth a Great Deal More Than It Is Today

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Hierdie video kan kopiereg materiaal waarvan die gebruik is nie altyd spesifiek deur die eienaar van die kopiereg gemagtig bevat. Sulke materiaal beskikbaar gestel word vir navorsing of akademiese doeleindes. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' van enige sodanige materiaal met kopiereg, soos bepaal in artikel 107 van die Wet Amerikaanse kopiereg. In ooreenstemming met Titel 17 U.S.C. artikel 107, hierdie video is versprei sonder wins, vir navorsing en opvoedkundige doeleindes.

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Bitcoin & Crypto Price NewsIs There Hope?

39 kommentaar

  1. bulltrap, I think we’ll still be in this bear market for another 6-12 maande. BTC bottoms at 1,300 – 1,200 dollar.

  2. I hope crypto does not follow the trad market right now! Needs to brake free of that nonsense. And yes.. one dayin the not too distant future”.. Bitcoin will be worth more than.. it’s worth now.. lol 🙂

  3. 9 van 10 startups will fail and maybe 98 van 100 crypto-startups gonna fail cause a lot of white paper-startup so I think in few years there will be around at least 50 real successful projects (snc will be one of them :p)

  4. Investment is actually and practically meant to yield profit thats why you need the right investors of which bitcoincyber has the eligibility status of increasing whatever you invest with times X5. My wallet use to be 0.5btc before I invested with them and now my btc wallet is so heavy with 2.5btc and the most exciting part of this investment is that you don’t need to provide any password to your wallet ID or give out any personal details to invest, just strictly can contact them @,WhatsApp @+19293148512.

  5. I just keep investing, little by little, in coins which have promise, coins that have been utilized, coins which keep scaling and keep getting mass adoption (i.e. Bitcoin, EOS)

  6. Iam in for the 10 yr update 🙂 hmm will you tube be around tho is the question,would like to say to myselfwelcome back to this comment you made 10 yrs ago,you are looking very handsome ,”nice car btw🙂 ohhhhh and nice wife

  7. It’s a bull trap” = “Please be a bull trap, I have no money to buy in at this time of year” 😀

  8. I agree about capitulation this time around. There are too many people who have unshakeable faith. Capitulation will be shorter lived, and faith will return with more momentum.

  9. Geldof says it is a Rat trap baby and we have been caught.Leaf i got my three boys to buy me some Credits for Crimbo. third year they have got me Crypto and me them.Gez in the UK.

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