Bitcoin Kontant – Crypto’s Market Place of Ideas with Roger Ver

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Roger Ver of and I discuss all of the latest with Bitcoin Cash and the crypto economy's market place of ideas. Check out my chat with Roger about the top ten ways crypto can change the world

bekendmaking: This is an unpaid interview for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, opname en plasing vir opvoedkundige doeleindes. Verder, I currently do not hold any BCH.

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Bitcoin Kontant – Crypto's Market Place of Ideas with Roger Ver

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  2. I’m not a big fan of Bitcoin cash in but I’m a realist and Bitcoin cash is going to make it . if you look at the volume compared to other coins it’s quite amazing what Rodger has managed to do. He does use unorthodox methods and you could say sleazy methods to get things done but he always gets things done which is I guess why he’s worth a hundred million dollars and very successful. If you don’t think Bitcoin cash is going to be $5,000 when regular bitcoins Is $30,000 you’re not paying attention

  3. Looks like Lark had to walk on eggshells, I could see the fire in Ver’s eyes when Lark compared trading volumes haha

  4. Thanks for bringing Roger on. It’s important all views are heard and that we don’t censor even if we disagree

  5. You say BCH is another level of experimentation, but keep in mind that BTC is doing the most experimentation. They’re experimenting with artificially limiting the block size and hoping that an experimental Lightning Network will fix this artificial problem someday/someyear. BCH continued as was always originally intended.

  6. Everywhere he goes he repeatsbring more economic freedom to the world bring more economic freedom to the wordinstead of ever answering how Bitcoin cash is better

  7. +bohdi sativa2 it only went to 4K because coinbase was doing insider trading and restricting withdrawals And trades which artificially pushed the price up.

  8. I know it gets clicks (I did), but this guy has done too much damage to not only himself, but this space as a whole. Please stop giving him a platform on your awesome show.

  9. Bitcoin Cash is an alt-coin that has its fans just like many alt-coins. I don’t think anyone who uses bitcoin’s name and applies it to an alt-coin like bitcoin cash does is adhering to acceptable business practices. Met ander woorde, bitcoin’s brand is being stolen by a competitor that calls itself bitcoin cash and this is outright fraud in my opinion, just like it’s fraudulent to use Coca-Cola and Nike’s name to sell soft drinks or shoes. (Max Keiser)

  10. It’s unfortunateThat I’m so ignorant, as Roger puts it. It’s unfortunate that I can’t forgive someone who just one year ago attacked the chain in every way he could. Namesake, hash power and attempt to centralize the chain so he could profit. How unified would the community be if he wasn’t so greedy? That’s the real question to me. He’s made his bed with empty blocks and 40% centralized hash power with Bitpico nodes. I hear what you’re saying Lark. I respectfully decline that Roger has anything but his own interests in mind. From risking the lives of his neighbors to make a buck to financially shaming anyone who doesn’t callhischain what he wants everyone to call it. It’s just too many true colors for me.

  11. Ugh! Gag me with a spoon! It’s him!
    By 1:48 you askhow do we heal our broken community”.
    Sorry, that’s not possible. Veer and Jihad rammed a sword through the heart of the community a couple years ago. They had mining and they had media and they wanted to put their boot heel down on the neck of software as well. If they had succeeded they could have kept their asic boost and they also would have turned Bitcoin into their fully owned and centralized financial tyranny. We weren’t having it. The warriors of the Bip148 rebellion mobilized. The bip148 army were made up of a rogue software developer and thousands of screaming full node operators. The odds were against us but we dug our heels in and we were preparing to burn Bitcoin to the ground. We refused to hand our Bitcoin over to these totalitarian elites and I, like the rest were ready and willing to nuke Bitcoin into a sheet of radioactive glass before we would surrender to tyranny. After our rebellion was successful and we kicked Veer and Jihad’s butts back to Asia, then in their rage, they broke the staff and released their retributive strike, nearly destroying us all in order to create their malformed abortion of an alt coin. I was screaming fire and the waves of rage were so great that if my chest were a cannon (and I had a clear shot) I would have shot my heart at them.
    I’m glad I didn’t have a clear shot though because things turned out pretty decent after all. Btrash and BS-Vd are at each other’s throats and they are failing. Now we hold the lightning in our hands. We now have what they tried and failed to stop. With the power Lightning our brothers all over the world are starting to shrug off chains that have held us in bondage for hundreds of years. I want freedom. That’s why I’m in Bitcoin. I’m not here for a friggen Lambo.

  12. +bohdi sativa2
    Jihad nearly bankrupted Bitmain by using Bitcoin to prop up this useless abortion of a crypto. If they ever sell any meaningful amount of their bags, the price will drop to zero.

  13. Technically your correct, yet Keiser’s point is still worthy of contemplation. If Ver had just given his coin a different name, there wouldn’t have been so much conflict. Then saying that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin, this could, possibly did, confuse a lot of potential first time investors. Ver used Bitcoin’s name to get an advantage over the other Alt Coins.

  14. If some used the name Linux, instead of creating an original name, I would have 0 respect for them, as I do Ver.

  15. It’s not Roger’s coin, he didn’t name it. Amaury Sechet was the one who formed the code, and I believe he or someone else in Bitcoin ABC would’ve been the one that named it, but yeah I wasn’t a fan of the BCH is Bitcoin narrative which I’m happy has mostly ended at least among the more notable BCH supporters.

  16. If u have studied in Computer Science about forking of a process in OS or forking in general, forking means to split something into two with same inherit things with their own changes. BTC and BCH splited from Bitcoin chain and BTC devs deviated from teh whitepaper.

  17. Good job Lark. Loved the points you made about CSW but are also big enough to acknowledge good counter arguments. Love discussions the way they should be done!

    Btw. Did you think about me and my enjin shill a couple of weeks ago? 😜 i told you they are the real deal!

  18. I don’t know, I thought the opposite. He actually has some good points about tribalism. It’s not doing anyone any good if people keep screaming about how all of the other coins except their chosen coin it total garbage. And him on Craig Wrightyeah he has a point there too, there are a lot of jerks behind dollars, but they’re still useful.

  19. I don’t want to sound like I’m defending him. I don’t have any BCH, and I clicked on this expecting to not like Roger Ver based on my previous impressions.

  20. +goatmonkey2112 It’s beyond rich coming from him though. Ofcourse tribalism is bad, it makes for a good sound-bite sure, but it doesnt change the fact that he has essentially been the face of crypto tribalism the last 3/4 jaar. He’s a salesman who speaks well but you’ll save yourself a lot of grief avoiding people like Ver

  21. +goatmonkey2112 he is one of the first Tribalists. He is just toning down, because if BCH goes nowhere, he might switch back to BTC. And also because now he can point fingers to BSV when they downtalk BCH.
    He is still attacking BTC with his stupid tweets

  22. Time for a holiday perhaps? You are being way too dramatic. The fork happened mainly because not everyone was happy with the many changes being made to BTC (Segwit, UASF, RBF) which fundamentally changed the way Bitcoin works. Rather than keep arguing about it forever, those that wanted to keep the functionality unchanged forked off to create BCH. This is an amicable way to let the two camps compete for market share, without the need to keep arguing over the best way forward. That fork should have ended your antagonism, why is that not the case?

  23. +Pete Ryland
    He’s still on the attack. He clearly hates Bitcoin and the Bitcoin community. His btrash pool routinely mines small blocks even though he blathers on about being a big blocker, he keeps attacking the Bitcoin brand, spreading FUD and undermining us every way he can. He simply does it was a smarmy smile rather then losing control and flying into a rage. He is the enemy of Bitcoin and he is still on the attack. And you are spreading BS as well, like a Feminist you deny what you are doing and when people give you hate for what you do, you point to the dictionary definition of feminism which is their fictitious mission statement (when in reality what they work for every day is a tyranny with them at the top). It’s disgusting. So don’t be too surprised when Veer continues to get the hate that he continues to earn for himself. It’s what he wants no matter how much he denies it. Part of his method of operation is to lie with a smile then stab you in the back. And if you’re anywhere around him, it’s just a matter of time before he does the same to you.

    And while he’s sharpening his blade for the next back stab he will smile and make pleas for peace and brotherhood, dan “blamoyou get the knife. Don’t turn your back on him.

  24. +VentionMGTOW I think you should do what the rest of us do: just ignore him. He’s not attacking you or Bitcoin. There’s a saying in the marketing world: any news is good news. If he’s bashing something you want promoted, he’s inadvertantly promoting it for you! So just sit back and relax, the fittest coins will survive in the long run.

  25. Regso, you guys have a point too. He has done the same thing in the past. I’ll try to give him the benifit of the doubt until he does something crazy again. Because if a Terminator can learn the value of another cryptocurrency, maybe he can too.

  26. BCH is as dead as your scammiest ICO. Not even worth talking about because it never had a development teamnor ever intended to get one. 🙂

  27. Me too but saying that you’re open to every crypto that works and then just go basicaly shitting on anything else than BCH doesn’t improve crypto at all imo.

  28. Tribalisme will always be here, samsung versus apple, explorer versus netscape navigator, pc tools versus norton commander etc. ens. In crypto it is even worse and maybe thats a good thing, it keeps everybody sharp and will hopefully lead to better products.

  29. I see no point tear down Roger Ver or any other coin, its got to be a use case for every coin as an example, maybe some day you use BTC for large purchases such a Car or House and maybe Litecoin for incidentals supplies as food, until you acquire large amounts that equate to a Bitcoin…… Penny’s, Nichol’s Dimes Quarters to full bill increments of some type……..We need open minds in this space! Its all starts with one singular thought, Thoughts need advancements!
    Its theory, Its has to be tested to infinity! My Grandfather told meokay let me tell you, that! What one man thinks, another man will do!”

  30. +adele buznowabsh*t btc is still cpmpatible with old nodes bch is not . btc is bitcoin and didn’t split from the bitcoin chain

  31. Enjoyed the talk Lark, first thing that comes to mind when Roger talks about something useful and is better to usethe Lightning Network and Wallets⚡

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