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Bitcoin is down a lot right now and we see a lot of FUD. With that being said, there's also a lot of bullish news coming out at the moment. Billy will walk you through the latest crypto news both from the US and India as well as why you should remain bullish despite of the retracement.
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Barry Silbert

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Bitcoin BULLISH Despite FUD! India to Ban Cryptocurrency – Crypto Nuus

28 kommentaar

  1. lol Barry Sibert has sniffed some strong glue if he thinks the US government is about to declare Bitcoin ‘critical infrastructureand will mine BTC. 😂 Talk about bias confirmation !!! 😂😂

  2. Exactly my thoughts. The crypto market as a whole hasn’t turned bullish on the monthly charts, it’s still bearish. If BTC drops under $7,500 then crypto winter will be in full effect.

  3. This whole coin-bash was just a show. What they get out of this is psychologically linking libra with Bitcoin in sheep’s minds, while in reality they are exactly the opposite. No worries crypto is absolutely bullish. All financial institutions put in tons of resources into it in the past few years, and they also run the government. Just relax and sit back and enjoy the show they put on.

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  5. Pavel Durov opened the final ICO round! And now he is open for ordinary users of ) Cool!

  6. I thought you were a little ambitious with your prediction of Bitcoin becoming a political topic. I admit, looks like you’re right, Billy.

  7. They’re building a seperate exchange for US based users. The government likes bitcoin overall, they just don’t wanna lose control is all.

  8. @03chrisv I’m hoping for another crypto winter that doesn’t end until Winter in the Northern states ends in 2020 lol

  9. I Am INDIAN. But Indian government is not a ban For cryptocurrency. I Am Already Trade For Any crypto . Not A Office News. I Am Bitcoin Fan.

  10. I never seen a movie where there using crypto for illegal means, kontant, and gems most of the time. Look at Epstein’s safe, he had untraceable diamonds, kontant, and artwork.

  11. goed…if your in India wouldn’t you be selling just in case. Possible contributor to this aggressive pullback. I was guessing 8k before this news but I’f I’m in India I wouldn’t want to be holding.

  12. He already stated it was a proposal and NOT a law 🙂 so yes of course you can still trade 🙂
    If the proposal passes, then it is illegal. So you have to advocate to tour fellow citizens and make sure it does not pass 🙂 🙂

  13. No laws have yet been enforced on crypto when nothing will happen now, nothing has happened yetIf India has to digitize or India has to move forward, please have to regulate whether the official currency off .

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