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The bear market continues. In hierdie video, Mattie looks at Zcash's latest news as well as follows up on Ripple XRP. He also takes a look at Cryptotag.
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*Welcome to the Longest Crypto Bear Market in History*

Welcome to the Longest Crypto Bear Market in History

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Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction Count Has Crypto Community Bullish

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Ripple’s Partner Ramessa Online Prefer Banks “Until When XRP is fully Regulated”

*Zcash Team Reveals It Fixed a Catastrophic Coin Counterfeiting Bug*

Zcash Team Reveals It Fixed a Catastrophic Coin Counterfeiting Bug

*Zcash Vulnerability Permitting Infinite ZEC Counterfeiting Fixed and Disclosed*

Edward Snowden is in Favor of Ethereum’s Zcash Integration, Emphasizes Privacy

*Why Edward Snowden Likes Zcash Despite the Controversial Founders’ Reward*

Why Edward Snowden Likes Zcash Despite the Controversial Founders’ Reward

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CRYPTOTAG ReviewThe Backup For Your Wallet

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Bitcoin Bear Market, Zcash, XRP and Ripple Follow up, CryptoTag – Crypto Nuus

24 kommentaar

  1. Bear Market Continues – 0:45
    Crypto-fund Assets at ATH Despite Bear Market – 2:12
    Bullish Crypto Community – 2:55
    Speculation and Greed are Crypto Market’s biggest hope – 4:06
    Zcash Fixed Important Bug – 5:54
    Edward Snowden on Zcash – 7:10
    Forbes names Ripple one of the Most Innovative Fintech Companies in 2019 – 9:30
    Jed McCaleb Stops Dumping XRP – 10:19
    CryptoTag Review – 11:17

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  2. Crypto tag way too expensive. Just get a Dremel engraver and a piece of metal from hardware store. Can even do it on a tin can lid (if you file down the edges so you don’t get cut).

  3. I think BTC will drop to under $3k first before we start any significant bull run. ek dink 2019, at least the first half will still be bearish.

  4. ok ! ,these wallets need to have better ease of use because most people who want or will get in this market wont take this route they cant be bothered with long addresses and titanium plates and will prefer using a exchange wallet or use a investment company like Fidelity etc , its the reason exchanges had to change their format to allow those who didnt understand how to buy on a exchange in the early days , you want adoption make it simple for people to invest like the stock market .

  5. +Ant C that sounds like a horrible reply to me. It’s a copy of a copy. Devision is not the way to go. What tech specifically makes it so much better then say bitcoin its self. Or even better Monero?

  6. The one you belive in and has the most use case. In my opinion I think it’s xrp. It’s always good to get more than one coin too. I got 6 differnt one. But mostly xrp because of all the deals they have and its the fastest and cheapest

  7. Why wud anyone trust an effing Clown-mole traitor who dumped top secret info to the Russians and the whole world???

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