Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trends for 2018

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What will the top trends of 2018 wees? What topics will be making the headlines? Here are my predictions, what are yours?

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trends for 2018

27 kommentaar

  1. Thanks so much for this great videosets the pace for the new yeartalking about Privacy coins what are your thoughts on Shied, Hush, Zencash,Cloak

  2. do you understand the basic of coin supply ad marketcap? At the current price of $1 dollar the marketcap is 26 miljard. if the coin hit 30 bucks the marketcap would be (26 x 30) 780 miljard (nearly 4x bitcoins current) if it hit $50 the marketcap would be (26 x 50) 1.3 trillion. HIGHLY unlikely in 2018 given the product won’t even be done by then. Please do some research and understand the basics before you holler predictions.

  3. Lark is the BIGGEST PIMP in Crypto! We need more videos from you bro! Thanks for all you do. God Bless

  4. Nexus is doing great, wowwwwww, great time to still get in. Could you do a vid of it? THANKSSSSSSSSSS!

  5. Does anyone recommend any other youtubers like lark? Lark is by far my favorite and gives imo real reviews and info. Feels like I can actually trust him compared to other youtubers wondering if there is anyone else like him out there. Ps you are the man lark keep it up

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