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If you are new to investing in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency (aka AltCoin), you're going to want to listen up. If you're still trying to figure out your own investment strategy, this video will help give you tools to add to your tool bag. This is peer to peer advice from one investor's personal perspective that gives a candid view into how to develop a non-emotional investment strategy.

Should you be buying Bitcoin, or should you be buying other cryptocurrencies? That answer will change from time to time, and you can figure out how to make that decision for yourself.

Bitcoin & AltCoin Advice For Dummies | AltCoin Buzz

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  1. thanks Altcoin Buzz! im already spreading the news to my family and friends about your channelwe love how you help better understand crypto.

  2. Question: If i buy some altcoin at say .05,then sell it at .09 would i have to wait till it goes back down to at least .05 again to buy back in order to make a profit ?

  3. Can you make a video on making a wallet and all that stuff. I’m still trying to learn, I only have a coinbase.

  4. Buy low, sell high. Transaction fees. Some cryptos are so small they follow satoshis which can fluctuate significantly in price due to BTC ups/downs. Pay walls. Ask vs bid price. Pump and dump playbook appearance. Buy the rumor sell the news. Always do your research.

  5. Good info, will share it with some friends to help me explain this stuff.
    And you sound like the guy from the Urban Prepper channel.

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