Binance Exchange Temporarily Down After DataBase Issue

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One of the most popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges have gone down after experience a database issue. Stay up to date with Binance by following them on Twitter, also keep up with us on Twitter for more updates on this.

Binance Exchange Temporarily Down After DataBase Issue

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  1. Love the videos hate when you try to defend yourself against the FUD people. You do you. Don’t worry about them. Let it go. God Bless.

  2. Atleast they made an announcement instead of staying quiet. If there quiet then they should worry and complain

  3. lol I don’t day trade and my positions are taken no sweatI trust Binance the most out of all the exchanges

  4. I noticed it last night. I got stopped out on SALT and my balance didn’t update. I emailed Binance support and they got back to me within an hour and synced my account and it was there. Nothing to worry about Binance is top notch.

  5. HOw can I store my coins off Binance AND trade simultaneously? I hate when people say dumb nonsense like that.. come on Jeff.. Secondly binance said they were doing maintenance after the crash.. then an hour later they said its a database server and they need two hours.. now they need 12 ure.. they keep changing their tune.

  6. Yesterday I had a de-sync of a transaction. Leaving me unable to trade for 3 ure. They had to sync me back individually. Obviously this has happened to many people. So they need to do a hard reset.

  7. Cole Christensen. No bro, i did not mean that. Everyone is passion and game and I respect that. My reaction was more directed to the people who panic so easely and move out their money as hell for any fake news. It breaks the market and affect everyone.

  8. dood like i gamble at casinos and i cryptohodl and i also runescape duel and dood i swear u dont talk about me again or i swear if u talk dont talk or i swear get this work

  9. Binance will soon be on the TITANIUM network and he will be all good soon and stuff like this will never happen

  10. Hey Altcoin Buzz, why don’t you make a video showing a walkthrough of the steps involved in transferring coins from exchange to hardware wallet? That will definitely help a lot of newcomers like myself.

  11. Malcolm Jaffe they were under attack by North Korea hackers yesterday. Hope they didn’t get through.
    Inside source

  12. Digiclear 333 it’s fine if you don’t believe it. It was happening yesterday. Not sure if that’s what is going on today. I was told to get my funds out so I did

  13. they got hacked.. do you actually think they would forget to notify the public that there will be service

  14. beef rat seriously, if you’re freaking out about the best exchange doing some catch up then you’ve invested more than you’re willing to lose and should get out now. Go play with mommies dolls instead of investing in crypto.

  15. Selfde hier , made my first trade was waiting for 8k mark on bitcoin and next thing I see its down , first thing I thoughtwas binance waiting for my money before they shut down” … at this point am very sure god does not want me to make money

  16. Jeff (with altcoin buzz). You are by far my favorite out of your bunch. You tell it like it is and are very knowledgeable. Thanks a lot for all the hard work you do! I really appreciate it.

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