BigBom Ecosystem ICOThe Future of Internet Advertising

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The team at BigBom Ecosystem are aiming to shake up the way advertising happens on the internet. A close relationship to the Tomochain team, low hard cap, strong team, and valuable idea make BigBom an ICO worth investigating.
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BigBom Ecosystem ICOThe Future of Internet Advertising

13 kommentaar

  1. Fitrova FRV listed in Bancor network and other 2 exchanges after the one week of ICO ends, Best team behind this project . One of the best project for health and fitness industry.

    I am Bigbom’s fan So jam now your fan! I’m in both Bigbom’s private sale and pre sale. It’s such a good project and it also have a good community!
    Join us!

  3. I would love to see you review qchain’s ads marketplace and maybe compare it to bigbom.

  4. Another interesting ad based project. There’s alot of opportunity in the ad space for projects aimed at improving transparency and preventing ad fraud. Some big players getting involved e.g Unilever and IBM. For now though my money’s on AdBankbig things in the making for this little outfit out of Canada.

  5. Been a big fan of yours since you’ve started! Loving your reviews Lark and I’m glad to see your channel growing. Would love to hear your opinion on a AI blockchain project from France called Neurochain. Passed on ICO but I’d like to hear your opinion because I’m thinking about buying it when it hits exchanges

  6. The Crypto Lark I’d appreciate if you would make a review on it. I always do my own research but I value your opinion and I would like to hear your thoughts on this one.
    Have a nice one buddy😄

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