BIG NEWS! NASDAQ to List Bitcoin & ETH in 2019? – Vandag se Crypto Nuus

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In hierdie video, Mattie talks about Nasdaq and if they will list crypto on their trading platform in 2019. There's also a lot of things going on for Ethereum, CBOE may offer Ethereum futures soon and will add Ethereum to its mining service. Dit is 'n daaglikse segment.

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BIG NEWS! NASDAQ to List Bitcoin & ETH in 2019? – Today's Crypto News

41 kommentaar

  1. What’s going to spark the next bull run is when we go through a market crash like we did back in 2009

  2. Great News Mattie, thanks Bud, positive news climbing over 90% positive, September will be Awesome for Crypto, Mattie have a Great Labor Day weekend, Do Not Drink & Drive, Stay Sober, vrede & Love

  3. Tink about zcash it’s on germini whil explose on the nasdaq maby dogecoin to dogecoin have good partners whit euterum

  4. We still have booming months in this year leftI grateful for the down turnit’s has allowed me to secure a pretty nice portfolio for the next bull run.

  5. Does anyone know if Nasdaq uses a fiscal year system like October to September or just a regular year? Just wondering if so the quarters are gonna fall different.

  6. Definatlyit’s been dumping for 7 months and will continue to ..and then all of sudden BTC will be 25k and Alts will have a 1 million market cap. It will dump again and then 40k BTC 1.5 trillion .. Becarefull not to miss out . Remember it’s only 3 of 4 days of the year the big money is made. If you miss them days your out.

  7. Lol many coins are 97% down and many investors have capitulated .. this is enough of a crash at this stage .. becarefull and don’t miss the boom . Billions of dollar’s will FOMO in soon .

  8. leave 30 percent in fiat and wait for the dump and buy up, leave 70 percent in the market for medium term chris bird is right, the bull market is very quick, if you take a two week vacation at wrong time you could lose a lot of upswing

  9. Betteridge’s law of headlines is an adage that states: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.

  10. one is sure.. after next pump i will load off a lot, so i can wait for the big drop coming and load up againmissed that part in the last hype..

  11. thats what I think to. I got 3k sitting in wait. I am not fomoing in no matter what, already did that in january and got burned to pieces. took me awhile to save back up and I havent sold off anything yet, I’m looking to double down because I believe this is the future.

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