Big Ethereum Development, Crypto Movie, & BTC Mining War Heats Up – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency NewsVitalik announces big development update for Ethereum, California comes down on political donations, Alex Jones Paypal Drama, Cryptocurrency movie coming, and the United Nations getting into crypto.

Ethereum Updates

‘500 Transactions a Second’: Vitalik Says Zk-Snarks Could Scale Ethereum

Trust Machine Trailer



California Bans Bitcoin Donations in Political Campaigns

UN Binance = true






Trush machine article



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Big Ethereum Development, Crypto Movie, & BTC Mining War Heats Up – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nuus

26 kommentaar

  1. 85% of what Alex Jones says is verifiably true. That places him around 70% higher than your average Lefty and 85% higher than your average politician.

  2. Absolutely Lark, Wikileaks had to avoid account freezing etc by going Bitcoin……….sometimes makes you wonder ,its kind of like the sanction thing, Mr Putin and Mr Lavrov have virtually thanked the USA for boosting their homegrown industry and agriculture.

  3. If I were Alex Jones I would have all my wealth in crypto already. Manny people have woken up through Alex Jones. He is an important figure in this era.

  4. Love the new setup brother. Very enthusiastic about the possibilities indeed. Those political bribes needs to be in non sequential 100 dollar bill’s. 👍

  5. Have you heard of Bankex? They are built off of the ETH platform. They have some interesting projects going on with watercoin and moviecoin. They are also the first company to bring plasma to audit. The chief commercial officer of Bankex is speaking in front of the UN in NYC on Friday. If you’d like an interview with him, just give me a shout.

  6. Great video Lark! Alex Jones says what the media won’t tell us. Taking someone’s free speech and telling millions of his subscribers they can’t see him is unconstitutional. #MAGA2020

  7. Keep spreading the good word Lark! I definitely sympathize on not seeing him turned off, but Paypal is a private company and not regulated quite the same way. I do not believe an actual bank can close his account the same way. Now if the electric company decides to shut him off I believe that would be absolutely wrong. You did open up the idea of social media as a public utility for me. I had never thought of that before and believe it is an exceptionally good point.

  8. What is your name? Crypto Lark or Fun Lark or it is Justice Lark.. I think it is all of thatand beyond”… Thanks You bring some thrue belives to all of us. People need this

  9. Jy weet, if it was a year ago I would have called you some sort of pseudo clever insult. But I watched him on the Joe Rogan Podcast where he actually was asked to explain some of his statements rather than rambling on, and usually they were based on some sort of fact. die “nonsensehe spews, amusing enough, is kind of like the hash function of a bunch of different facts. Not a big fan of the dude, but it is clear that there is ENORMOUS amounts of info left out from any big mainstream story. And I truly despise censors.

  10. I’m just mentioning this as an un-correlated factoid with zero implications of AJ: it has been stated by people more knowledgeable than me that a good disinformation agent is correct 80% of the time. Good to keep in mind when DYOR.
    weer, this has nothing to do with AJ- die “85%” and the topic we’re talking is what prompted memory.

  11. Agree. It’s like the old throwback days seeing you record/livestream from your laptop camera. I like the studio view.

  12. Big changes are coming to the big tech firms. Both founders of Instagram resigned today. Google CEO resigned during the N Korea talks (servers were in N Korea), en 8 Execs resigned from Facebook. They’re all going down.

  13. He did appear in the aftermath of Waco out of nowhere and then billed himself theleaderof the reconstruction. A dubious claim at best. He is potentially an Operation Mockingbird type. A sage man must always bear such things in mind.

    Then again, if I had spent something like 20 years facing the mockery and vilification he hasI would probably be a little kooky now and then too.

  14. Why doesn’t UNICEF use blockchain technology to provide transparency for where all the donated funds are being spent🤔

  15. PayPal are a bunch of crooks. I’ve had friends running internet businesses who gotsuspended” vir 6-9 months with ZERO recourse, all the while PayPal held thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Wouldn’t answer phone calls, wouldn’t respond to lawyers. Why not? They don’t have to. They OWN the money. There is ZERO recourse. The world needs crypto more than ever.

  16. As fore-bang”, the wordbangin Korean meansroom.It’s pronounced bong, like the thing you might smoke out of. Could have the same meaning in Chinese. of, they could just be clueless of the English meaning.

  17. great to see you still going mate ,,ive been away from it for 6 month just letting my investment HODL ,, cheers larko great content mate greets from oz

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