Big Brother is WatchingBeam Crypto Keeps Your Money Private

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Beam cryptocurrency is using a new privacy focused technology to deliver some of the most powerful confidential tech in the crypto economy yet.


bekendmaking: Dit is 'n onbetaalde resensie vir 'n projek wat waardig is van navorsing tyd is geag, opname en plasing vir opvoedkundige doeleindes. Verder, I currently hold BEAM

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E-pos met besigheid of gebeurtenis navrae.

Alles hier uitgespreek is my mening en nie amptelike beleggingsadvies – asseblief doen jou eie navorsing voordat gevaar vir jou eie geld.

Hierdie video kan kopiereg materiaal waarvan die gebruik is nie altyd spesifiek deur die eienaar van die kopiereg gemagtig bevat. Sulke materiaal beskikbaar gestel word vir navorsing of akademiese doeleindes. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' van enige sodanige materiaal met kopiereg, soos bepaal in artikel 107 van die Wet Amerikaanse kopiereg. In ooreenstemming met Titel 17 U.S.C. artikel 107, hierdie video is versprei sonder wins, vir navorsing en opvoedkundige doeleindes.

Dankie vir jou kyk; asseblief graag, skryf, en deel as jy dit nuttig gevind!

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Big Brother is WatchingBeam Crypto Keeps Your Money Private

27 kommentaar

  1. Yes indeed, will be interesting to see how BEAM and Grin do when that happens

  2. once it is tested on LTC, and works as expected. could be then ported to BTC. that’s my thinking so far

  3. Mimble wimble is coming to bitcoinsooooo not intetested 🙂

  4. I l just love sayingMimble Wimble”, irrespective of what it does 😂. Probably the funniest name in crypto

  5. Beam seems incredibly practical forreal-worlduse cases.
    Grin, though I feel for its ideology, needs much better UI/UX before any *normal* person would become interested in actually using it.

    I especially like how the team behind Beam is comprised of developers not beholden to the traditional cryptocurrency philosophy. They’re mostly relatively new to blockchain tech and are developing from the perspective of those who were not initially emotionally swayed by the idea of what crypto could becomeunlike most of us who watched this video. They’re pragmatic in the business sense. Realistic with their vision, aiming for an attainable goal.

    It’s easy to convince a crypto-fan that a project is realistic. But we also know how hard it is to convince someone who isn’t as emphatic about it all as we are. Beam, I believe, is one of those projects that has a high potential to cross that barrier. Byvoorbeeld, I was able to easily convince my fiance, a woman who works for a bank, the potential value in Beam on an organizational level.

  6. Early stages for Grin and Beam but on the face of it I prefer Grin for its infinite supply and lack of founder’s reward and I suspect its continuous 60 grin a minute emission will make it a great store of value long-term as its inflation subtly reduces. The non-profit-making motive of its founder/s is a noble one and this is reflected by donations from individuals, pools and exchanges to its ongoing development. Grin will be better money because it is fairer money. Grin is better by design.

  7. Still waiting on a legitimate exchange listing (Bittrex or Binance) for both BEAM and Grin.

  8. Im so glad you made this video. Beam has a capped supply while Grin can mint coins to infinity and beyond. so, get Beam for future value or get Grin for futuretinyvalue worth. Am i correct with this analogy?

  9. Hmmmm…. why is there only a choice of 2 coins using this mibble wibble thing…. I don’t like the sound of either tbh grin would be ok if it didn’t have limitless amount of coin and beam would be ok if it was a bit more of a solution for the present, not 50 to one hundred years into the future….. we already have store of value coin btc…. ok the grin would be handy if you then want to make secret translations then convert your btc to grin at that time…. does grin want to be that ? A standby coin only used when someone wants to make a transaction they don’t want to be seen?

  10. Great video. I also have some Beam just in case. Grin with unlimited supply and no funding aspect seems to unrealistic to me. Bitcoin might be an exception but i dont think there is room for a second coin. Beam has that covered and it actually has a wallet that works.

  11. $nyzo created an entire new category of blockchain: ‘Proof of Diversity’ blok ketting, open sourced, working well now, delivered earlier than most other ‘newsolutions.

  12. I have been a silent lurker subscriber of your channel for over a year now. I always smash the likes. I constantly share your videos with my friends in the space. However I have failed to tell you how much I value the content you provide. As far as crypto YouTubers go, the selection of information and the way it’s is presented is paralleled by no one. I appreciate that you don’t play the moon boy speculation game. And your titles are not full of click Bait. I appreciate you more than you know. Keep up the great job. ❤️👊🏼🤘🏻💎 Much Respect.

  13. +muddi funstar because it was discussed & is gonna be implemented in the next 5 years or so 🙂

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