BeeToken ICO Review | Airbnb Meets Cryptocurrency

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This is a Sponsored ICO Review. With that being said, we only feature ICOs that we think in our opinion has potential.

BeeToken is a new ICO that will be bringing the growing trend of vacation rentals and investment properties to the blockchain. Like Airbnb, renters will be able to rent other people's property, and property owners will be able to advertise their place for short-term rent like a hotel.

The best part is that BeeToken will not charge fees to the property owner, making it cheaper to use than Airbnb and other similar services like HomeAway. Properties will be listed on a site called BeeNest, and participants will be able to earn and redeem BeeTokens for participation on the platform.

Learn more about the project here:

BeeToken ICO Review | Airbnb Meets Cryptocurrency

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  1. Might be too late but I bought Xtrabytes (XBY) yesterday @ .31 , it just blew up to .87. Might wanna talk about it? I believe it can be the next raiblocks (XRB)still a good time to invest imo.

  2. Go Yourownway always the problem for us plebs. They need to update the laws so plebs can gamble too, but maybe limit our ability to be stupid to like $10,000 a year or something.

  3. Today was one of those days where it would have been harder to have picked a loser yesterday. And if you believe in 2018 like we do, you know that other than normal corrections here and there this year will be a MASSIVE bull run for the good coins. – Steve

  4. I saw this one a few weeks ago, but it’s not available to folks in the USAGood luck everyone abroad!

  5. There is more to that Beetoken. The biggest advantage of Beetoken is that the owner will also be penalised if they cancel the booking at the last moment. Until now only the customers were getting penalized whether it was airlines etc

  6. Great work on the video! Saw that they sold out in less that 5 minute. Could be a big hit. Going to try to buy in during their public sale.

  7. The Bee Token is scam. Be careful guys! They copied all from Lockchain. But Lockchain is already listed on some exchanges.

  8. Similar but not identical. LockChain is more oreinted towards hotel booking and vacation rentalsbee token is purely AirBnB on the blockchainhas more potential hah

  9. Is it possible to purchase tokens in Canada / VSA? On the ICO website it says North America excluded from token sale.

  10. I’m quite glad about with hitbtc. The more I trade here, the more skills I acquire, goed, such experience is always valuable. Under the termsthe transaction speed is the best. And there is a successful affiliate program.

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