Banks Are Spending A LOT of Money on Blockchain Technology – Vandag se Crypto Nuus

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In hierdie video, Mattie covers the latest news in the crypto and blockchain space. Dit is 'n daaglikse segment! Don't miss any important news in this very volatile market.
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Nederland: Cryptocurrencies Do Not Pose a Major Risk to Financial Stability

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Banks Are Spending A LOT of Money on Blockchain TechnologyToday's Crypto News

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35 kommentaar

  1. Love the epic intro music. Please, never change that. For many in 2017, we watched your videos so many times in the day. It has been become our Crypto song reminding us of the great times in crypto.

  2. I am Dutch. Seems to me that it’s just WHO writes the articles and want to influence the market in it’s own way. The traders and investors i know who are really active in the space are super excited. Everybody is constantly manipulating the market. You have to take the articles with a grain of salt. If you think it’s risky then don’t enter the crypto market and open a 2% savings account with your bank.

  3. Crypto Power precisely my thoughts, epic! Hopefully we’ll be back to those bullish numbers again soon!

  4. I am from the netherlands and crypto is very populair here i hear alot of strories about people investing

  5. Would be awesome if the Gulden would be adopted among many stores in NL, only needs a fast blockchain. screw the euro and screw the EU, we never voted in favor for this.

  6. Blockchain technology is just going to rise for sure. Not sure how that will tie into the crypto coins that are currently available or those to come. I think cryptocurrency will definitely disrupt the financial world as we know it. I do however hope that crypto mining bans don’t happen.

  7. I am from belgium. The dutch people dont care about regulation that much. They are smart people and opportunic. They are fast to embrase new technologies and i am sure they will lead europe into the new crypto age

  8. Benjamin Williams what makes you so sure of this? werklik. I’m not s techy so it’s all Greek to me I invested as soon as I heard money of the internet.

  9. For kids that spent their pocket money during december fomo,Bear market recovers 1-3 years.Check the Weekly chart and see where we are and why there won’t be a bullrun soon,they rekt everyone.It needs months and months for accumulation before a new pump,if there are some fools left to buy,so they unload again a month later.Technology will survive,coins not.

  10. Chris Rock… DudeI have been around the block a few timesfirstly I was not directly implying you only in my statementbut a general statement to anyone who are negative while things are for sale at a major discountfirstlyif you are only a teenagerthen I understand why you so much in a hurry for successyou need to realize nothing is quick and nothing is easy. .. if you have no patienceor you can not imagine 5 jare van nou af… well then you will feel impatientanyway keep accumulating cryptocurrencies or go spend your pocket money on sweetskeep the sweet wrappers they will remind you in 5 years time what you spent your money on instead of a 5 year financial plan… … just accumulate while it is downbecause you don’t wanna buy when it rockets upyou wanna be ready to sell HIGH insteadhave a cool life further

  11. ZUG ZUG I’m 46 and very patient. I didn’t say you meant me but I did want to say that im not a troll. I’m sure there are many. I’ve been accumulating as much as I can. I’ve always tried to help anyone I could if I found a way to make money work for me. I’m trying to stay positive. But at the same time I don’t want to be a greater fool.

  12. It will take awhile to hit the bottom. You still have people promoting Dogecoin. Odds are we will form a long boring basing pattern before we start a new cycle. This lets smart money accumulate get a better idea of what has the best chance of being a disruptive force in the markets. Then the process will repeat.

  13. Crypto currency technology​ will keep advancing even if the price keeps going down in a bear Market. This creates a slingshot effect on price.

  14. Actually the minimum plan is $350 and earn up to $8k to $10k,which will be available to withdrawal after two weeks of investment

  15. $300 is much, anyways i understand the more you invest, the more you earn. thanks so much for your information

  16. Great video, I Appreciate the detailed analysis given.. I Ran into a video in Feb Early this year, I found so many people showering Accolades to a man named RICHARD FOX who has made a great Impact to so many young crypto investors since last year, some said he has the best strategy to trade Bitcoin,I was tired of Gdax and Binance small profits i was getting, so I reached out to him and he gave me the best tips to excel in the world of Crypto. Now I don’t just Hodl, I make more Gains, after 3months I can Boast of increasing my Portfolio from 7Btc to 39Btc*, all Thanks to Richard’s Almighty Formular for Trading, Y’all can reach out to him through His *Whatsapp/Telegram +15623162964*, *HANGOUTS and Mail * *(

  17. On Tuesday next week will make it 4months since i contacted Mr Richard from a similar testimony and It’s been Huge profits, I have made a Whooping $86,000 worth of Bitcoins and i only re invested $6000 last week, as for my remaining $80k worth of Btc, I will just wait for Bitcoin to Hit $15k then i will sell it off, thanks to Him for teaching me a lot.

  18. He is a straight to the point man he does not play games or like being played with, that i have observed but as far as Bitcoin trading go his strategy is 100% superior and it gives shocking consistent winnings They say nothing good comes easy i guess that’s the reason why i had to suffer great loss to make the kind profit i get today

  19. living in the netherlands still lots of people don’t know about it but the people who know about it are realy good informed!.

    Not scared of them doing stupid things they love tech here 😀

    Dankie vir die video

  20. I live close to missoula county. Its interesting that there are enough people mining in Montana to gain the attention of law makers. Seams that no one in Montana knows a think about crypto’s. I just get atupid looks when I ask people about crypto’s or Block chain. We need greater adoption in the U.S.

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