Banking on the Blockchain With BABB! – A Community Pick!

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As promised, here is a video on Babb. If you like Babb and want us to follow it and release regular updates, please leave a comment and give it a thumbs up, it really helps us!

The Babb Community reminded us that we forgot to include it in our Top Cryptocurrencies that help Bank the Unbanked, check out the previous video


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Banking on the Blockchain With BABB! – A Community Pick!

31 kommentaar

  1. Good overview, BAX will see massive movement once they get their banking license and become the bridge between central banks and crypto.

  2. I’m very excited about BAX. Already in and will get more before bull run starts

  3. When a project is based in the crypto financial district of Londonin a building known for successful fintech startupsyou can tell this will go far. The early investors will get a good return.

  4. Looks like a project with amazing potential. If they convince 1% of the 2bn unbanked to use BABB services, it would be already massive!!

  5. stop thinking your gonna get rich, too many people like you, too many kids thinking their coin will go to the moon.

  6. sam chaudhary Go back to school kid your not gonna get rich with your pocket money.

  7. Let me guess you’re here for the tech? Not a kid and nowhere did I repeat the mantrawhen Lamboso chill out dude.

  8. Do you ever give up hahaha every video to do with BABB you’re spreading FUD.

    I’m starting to think you lost all ur BAX when day trading like a tard and now you have a grudge

  9. ercrypto 74 yes I’m here for the tech, Too many kids with pocket money saying oooj I’m gonna get rich.

  10. I share your frustration with the amount of idiots in the crypto world in for the quick gains. Cheers and good luck with your investments.

  11. ercrypto 74 Everywhere in the comments, I see people shilling their coin to go to the moon and call all other coin shitcoins, not every coin will be successful and big. Too much hype after bitcoin hype, hope all these shitcoins and copy cats and pump and dumps day. I want blockcha in to revolutionise the world with this tech is lots of fields.


  13. wow thanks man. what an awesome project.I believe in this. going to be huge! I’m buying for sure

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